We’re on to reason #3 that press releases suck. It has to do with the headline.

I’ve posted a lot of information on this blog about headlines. Headlines are seen mainly in two places – on ads and press releases.

Advertising headlines and press release headlines have nothing to do with each other.

In your advertising headlines it’s OK to use words like “Amazing”, “Breakthrough”, “Phenomenal” and so on.

Those words are death in a press release headline. They scream to the reporter that what is about to follow is little more than a blatant ad. The trash can or delete button is not far away.

The headline in a press release has one job and one job only – to FORCE the reporter to keep reading. In the templates I provide in my Million Dollar Publicity System, every headline does it’s job. It gives the reporter no option but to keep reading.

The headline also makes it clear that information is about to follow, not a blatant ad.

So, if a dentist sent out a press release with the headline:

Brookfield Dental Proudly Announces the Opening of a Second Office

that screams “blatant ad to follow”. This press release will be tossed out without being read any further. Plus, who gives a rats rear end that some dentist is opening a second office? Oooo, what a thrill – pain in two locations now.

But, if that same dentist sent out a press release with the headline:

Why Eating Chocolate Could Be Good For Your Teeth

the reporter has no choice but to keep on reading. That headline creates curiosity. It forces the brain to say: “What the heck! Chocolate could be good for my teeth. What’s this all about?”

If the headline of your press release doesn’t do it’s job, your press release is dead. If the reporter does not read past the headline, nothing else will happen. No publicity, no story about you, no traffic driven to your website, no sales made.

All because of that headline.

Keep hypey words out of the headline. Those are words like I mentioned earlier: Amazing, Incredible, Breakthrough, Money Pours From the Sky, etc. Reporters have developed keen crap detectors. Words like that make their detectors go off – and your press release gets zapped.

Your press release should show reporters that you are potentially a source of good information on your topic. Your press release should NOT try to sell your product or service.

Yeah, yeah, I know what all of those lousy $20 books on publicity tell you – be sure to get the name of your product in your press release, be sure to get your toll-free ordering number in your press release, during your interviews repeat the name of your product at least six times.

Mule muffins!

Search my name on the Internet. How many hits do you get? Now search the name of the author of that $20 publicity book on the Internet. How many hits do you get?

Who are you going to believe? I rest my case.

Getting free publicity for your business isn’t brain surgery. But like anything else, you have to learn what to do and what not to do.

I’m amazed that people will spend months and even years learning how to play some card game or video game but they won’t spend a few hours to learn the right way to get publicity.

Some people even go to college for four years and never use their degree. But they think that the few hours it can take to learn how to get publicity is too much.

Learning how to get and use publicity can provide you with an incredible life. It’s done just that for me (have you seen my house?).

Get the tools and information you need to get publicity and then put all of that to work for you. You see me doing just that all the time. I’ve been doing it for close to 30 years. There must be something to it.

At my main website – Paul Hartunian Free Publicity and Press Release Resource Center – there’s plenty of information for you.

If you need help creating powerful press release headlines, I have software that can help you. My Instant Headline Generator will produce over 150 headlines for you in under 10 seconds, regardless of what business you’re in.

If you want press releases, story ideas, headlines, etc. already written out for you, go to my Niche Publicity Manuals. It’s all done for you. You just have to copy and paste.

But whatever you do, don’t let all of the publicity opportunities that are right in front of you pass you by.

I’ll be back again to give you more reasons why your press releases suck. I’m kinda like Santa Claus in that way, aren’t I?

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