The second reason people’s press releases suck is that they can’t seem to shut up.

They go on and on. Their press releases are 2, 3 or God help them, 4 pages long.

This is especially true of offline press releases.

When you send press releases to offline reporters, you’re looking to get free air time on radio and TV or you’re looking for free space in newspapers and magazines. This air time and print space is very valuable – easily worth thousands of dollars each time. They can’t give that away to any putz who thinks he can write a good press release.

Offline reporters are looking for two things from you – good information and the ability to get to the point. If they’re going to give you 5 valuable minutes on their talk show, they can’t have you yammer on about when you were a little girl talking to fairies in the woods. You have to make your point, grab the audience and leave them remembering you.

That doesn’t mean that you can only give two word answers. Not at all. But it also means that your press release cannot go on for pages. In fact, offline press releases should NEVER be more than one page. When you can be clear and concise in one page and get the reporter’s interest, you’ve got a winner of a press release.

Don’t worry, it’s not hard. Like everything else you learned in life, once you learn the formula, things get a whole lot easier. Remember learning how to drive? Seemed impossible to steer the wheel, step on two or three pedals, watch the mirrors, look over your shoulder, etc. Now, it’s a breeze.

Same is true for writing press releases. In my Million Dollar Publicity System, I give you all the templates you’ll ever need to write press releases for any product, service or business. I show you how to get to the point, how to be fascinating, how to grab the interest of reporters and audiences.

When you write press releases that you’re going to distribute ONLINE, you have more flexibility. In fact, right now online publicity is like that Wild West we heard about when the Internet first got up and running. Online press releases can go up to 500 words or more. They can also blatantly promote a product or service.

But I’ve got a prediction. Bookmark this post so you can give me credit when it comes true.

The world of online press releases is going to tighten up. It’s going to get REAL tight.

Long rambling online press releases – like we see now – will be ignored. It’s simple math.

As the number of online press releases being sent increases, people receiving them will have less and less time to read all of them. Quality will prevail. Just as with offline press releases, the online press releases that get to the point, provide solid information and convey the clear idea that the person sending the press release knows what he’s talking about will get picked up and reported. The rest will be tossed out.

Online press release services will still be happy to take your money to distribute your release. But your rambling, blatantly advertising press releases will get less and less coverage until they eventually get none.

Think this out logically. If I own a website, blog, ezine, forum or whatever, what motivation do I have to post your press release that does nothing more than blatantly advertise YOUR business? How do I benefit?

If you said that I have no motivation to post it and I don’t benefit in any way, you move to the head of Paul’s Publicity Class for the day.

BUT, if I receive your press release that’s full of quality information that my subscribers, visitors, readers, etc. can use, I’ll be happy to post your release and include some discreet links to your website, your product sales page, your blog or whatever else you want me to promote for you.

It’s a simple give and get releationship.

So, if you want your press releases not to suck, SHUT UP! Get to the point. Have something interesting to say. Have quality information to share. And keep in mind that there’s got to be something in it for the person who’s going to post your press release, give you air time or write a story about you.

That’s the end of the publicity sermon for today. But don’t worry, I’ve got lots more ammunition to let loose. Stay tuned for Part 3. I guarantee it’ll be good.

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  1. Elena Says:

    Heard your recent interview with Tom Beal and found it most enlightening.

    You certainly have a direct way with what works, what doesn’t and why!

    Really refreshing.


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