Do you have an assistant?  If not, I guarantee you will never reach the level of success you deserve.  It’s just not possible.  Here’s why…

Many entrepreneurs pride themselves in being a “one man band”.  They talk about how they handle everything and have everything under control (yeah, right).  They handle product production, duplication, fulfillment, returns, inventory, record keeping – the works.

I can’t tell you how many business owners I know have told me they have a CD duplicating machine right in their office so they can handle duplication, label production, assembly, shipping, etc. all “in house”.  They boast how they save money on the whole process.

Not only is that untrue, it’s one of the leading factors that destroys a business.

You’ve been told many times that you should work on your strengths because that’s where you make the most money.  You should not waste a minute of your time trying to improve your weaknesses.  Some people have the fantasy that if they improve the areas where they’re weak, they will live a balanced life.

Utter stupidity!

You are weak in certain areas for a good reason – you’re not good at those tasks.  No genius thinking there!  But still, people fritter away their lives building their weaknesses.

Unless you run a full scale CD duplication house, duplicating CDs is one of your weaknesses.  I don’t care how good you are at duplicating those CDs and how fast you can do it.  You can’t do it better than the duplication house and you can’t do it cheaper.

Oh, it may seem cheaper.  You may produce a finished CD for 89 cents, while the duplication house was going to charge you $1.40.  So you saved 51 cents.  But it took you 10 minutes to make the CD, label it, package it and get it in the mail.

A foolish waste of time.

And so it goes with an assistant.  If you hire a good assistant and you do it correctly, you’ll hire someone who’s good at what you are not.  That person will be a beautiful balance to you – and you to that person.

My assistant, Denise, and I have been together for over 10 years.  We differ in many, many ways.  And that’s good.

If you’ve ever spoken with Denise, you’ve experienced one of the joys of life.  She is so pleasant, kind, happy and friendly that when you hang up you have a better day ahead of you.

I wish I could be that pleasant as often.

Denise and I balance each other out beautifully.  As a result we get a lot accomplished.

I repeat – there is no possible way you can be as successful as you deserve without help; without a good assistant.

Learn how to look for, hire and work with a great assistant.  It’ll be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your business and in your life.

The best place to start is with an information product Denise created about this very topic.  You can get free information by CLICKING HERE.  Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those mega-priced, 20 pound information products.  This’ll set you back about the same as a couple of large lattes and some pastries.  But it can revolutionize your business…and your profits.

That’s enough of reading this.  Go hire yourself a great assistant!

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  1. Peter Geisheker Says:

    I agree completely. I used to be a one man show and it did not work. Then I hired a sales professional to handle sales and account management and an assistant to handle project management and admin tasks. Sales and productivity have gone through the roof. Hiring people to do what I am not good at was the best thing I could have ever done for my business and for my bank account.


  2. Allan Gardyne | Outsourcing Pros & Cons Says:

    Paul, Spot on! I hired my first part-time assistant in 1998, to moderate my forum, and my first full-time assistant the following year. One of his first jobs was creating hundreds of ads for (old timers will remember it) back it the days when you could buy targeted traffic for a penny a click. I’ve continued to expand ever since.

    This year, my business partner created a new office and hired three full-time employees. I’m a thousand miles away right now and haven’t met them yet.

    Hiring an assistant doesn’t just give you leverage and free you from tedious, repetitive tasks, it gives you time to relax, time to walk on the beach and think about your business as a whole, instead of worrying about the next little task that just has to be done. I’ve found that my best ideas always seem to come when I’m not working.

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