John Woodbridge sent me a darned interesting story from England.  It’s a superb example of powerful, easy publicity and – as always – an example you can customize for your own use.


As you probably know, the Concorde airplane went out of service.  It was a bad business model right from the start.


Well, Richard Branson, of Virgin Atlantic fame, saw a great publicity opportunity and he grabbed it.  He offered to purchase the Concorde for one British pound and to keep it flying for years to come.


As John says, there’s no love lost between Branson and British Airways, the owner of the Concorde.


The offer will probably be declined, but in the meantime, Branson and Virgin Atlantic are bathing in the publicity spotlight.


Bold moves can result in great publicity.  But, you’ve got to be able to back up your move.


Buying the Concorde for one pound make sound like a great deal.  In Branson’s case it probably would be.


If you or I offered one pound for the Concorde and British Airways accepted, what would we do with it?  It could be a financial disaster for us.


But if your circumstances allow it, consider taking a bold move or making a bold offer and riding the wave of publicity to follow.


If you’re in real estate and an historic building in your area is deteriorating, you might want to offer $1 for it with the promise of renovation.


Years ago Donald Trump offered to take over a popular skating rink in New York for one dollar with the promise of repairing it.  It made huge news in the New York area.  Trump made good on his promise and got an avalanche of very positive publicity.


In 1990 I wrote a press release promoting my book “How to Be Outrageously Successful With the Opposite Sex”.  The headline read:


     “I Can Help Anyone Find the Love of Their Life in 90 Days Or Less”.


A bold statement, but one that I can back up.

Is there a bold move you can make?  Is there a seemingly outrageous claim you can make that you can back up?

Remember, if you can’t back up your claim it’s nothing more than a lie.  But when you can back it up, it’s a great publicity opportunity.

In my next post I’m going to talk more about making claims, creating controversy and taking positions on issues.  I’ll talk about how they can affect your publicity…and your life.


That’s it for this time.  Thanks very much to John Woodbridge for the excellent story.


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