I’m so doggone frustrated.


Why can’t people see that their work ethic is directly tied to their success?


This week alone 3 business owners didn’t live up to their word…and they lost my business.


Three business owners in just one week!  Incredible.


Those of you who know me know that I’m a dream customer.  As long as things are going the way they should and the way we agreed, business owners couldn’t find a better client.  I pay in full right up front.  No collection problems, no billing, no chasing for money.


I’m very well connected, so when I get quality products and services the business owner can be sure of lots of referrals.


Still, it’s the rare business owner who can do what they agreed to do.


And people wonder why they aren’t where they want to be in life.


I think I have the answer and I just gave it to you.


Now what does this have to do with publicity?  After all, this is a post about publicity


As with all my lessons, this is directly related to publicity.


You wouldn’t believe the number of people who think they can send out one press release and hit it big.  They don’t follow up.  Even worse, they don’t know how to follow up.  So they let publicity opportunities pass them by every day.


These are the same people who somehow got it in their heads that I sent out that one press release about selling the Brooklyn Bridge in 1983 and I became rich.


Yeah, right.  Keep dreaming.


It took me almost 20 years to develop my publicity system.  It took me probably another 10 years to thoroughly test it and work out any bugs.  Only then did I produce my publicity kit (http://www.Hartunian.com/prkit), that’s now being used all around the world.


I’m afraid of people who think you can get rich without doing the work required.  They’re dangerous to you, me and themselves.


And I’m furious at the people who are preaching the gospel of “easy money with little or no work”.


Have you taken the time to learn exactly what the media people want from you?  Have you learned how to give them what they want?


It’s not difficult and it doesn’t take a long time to learn.


But the payoff can be enormous!


Look at what the media has done for me and lots and lots of my members?  It’s made us famous around the country and around the world.  It’s given us the opportunity to earn huge amounts of money.  It’s opened doors for us that never would have been opened.


But we had to work to get that.  We had to give reporters what they want in the way they want it.


It certainly wasn’t difficult, but we had to do it.  Nothing came to us for free.


So, next time you have one of those great moments of introspection – those moments where you can really look at where you are and where you’re going – ask yourself if you are where you want to be.  Be brutally honest with yourself.


Have your publicity efforts produced what you want?  Or haven’t you even started your publicity efforts?


If you aren’t where you want to be and you haven’t started your publicity efforts or your efforts aren’t getting you what you want, do you think they are tied together?


I sure do.


You can get full information about my complete publicity kit, which has helped thousands of people skyrocket their business, promote their products and literally alter their lives, at

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