One of my favorite teleseminars is one I ran a while back. It’s called “What’s Stopping You From Being Wealthy?” In that teleseminar I describe the 10 barriers people put up that stop them from becoming wealthy.

I also answered lots of questions from people on the call.

I’m going to post links to the call right here in my blog. I broke the call up into four parts, each one is about 15 minutes long. You can either listen to each part right here, or you can download each part and listen on your MP3 player, computer, etc.

But frankly, I hope you listen to it right now instead of downloading it. So often, when we download something, we don’t get to it. I’m guilty of that too.

So, here’s Part 1.

I’ll post Part 2 soon.

By the way, this is not a disguised sales pitch for anything. There’s nothing sold on this teleseminar. It’s just pure information I hope you put into action.

Just one of my ways of paying back the people who helped me when I was on the way up.

If you have comments – and I hope you do – post them right here.

Enjoy the information and profit from it.

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  1. Dave Gardner Says:

    Paul…can’t wait for the remaining 3 parts of this program. I love our simple, pragmatic style for cutting through the clutter and getting to the essential issues confronting people. Thanks. All the best…Dave Gardner

  2. Chris W James Says:

    Once again great information, Paul. I find people really ARE scared to be successful. But they keep paying for consultation and information over and over. Also they don’t APPLY the methods or send out one single press release and say, “It doesn’t work, I tried it once with no results.”

    Can’t wait for the next part and thanks for the information.
    I’ts also nice to hear that you have failed before, most entrepreneurs do, but you just have to keep trying and tweeking.

  3. Elisabeth Kuhn Says:

    Great audio! Excellent information and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing this with us. This (along with the other parts) is an audio I’ll keep on my iPod to listen to on my daily walks when I need a motivational boost!

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