It’s been  a while since I’ve posted here.  What happened?

Well, a couple of weeks back I had an accident and broke my right hand.  It’s in a cast and will be for four more weeks.

The day after the right hand was fractured, I was playing with one of my dogs.  He had one end of a pull toy.  I had the other.  I didn’t realize that the toy was wrapped around my thumb.  He gave a hefty pull and I instantly saw little canaries flying around in a constellation of stars – and the tendon in my left thumb was torn.

So, there’s a cast on my right hand and a splint on my left.  I’m typing this very slowly with one finger of my left hand.

The splint comes off soon, so things will start to get back to normal.  When the cast comes off I’ll be back to full speed.

That’s it.  Time to take a Tylenol.

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  1. Jens Says:

    Hi Paul,

    So sorry to read that! I know what it’s like to run around with a cast. I had to too often when I grew up.

    Get well soon,


  2. Ryan Says:

    Hey Paul,

    I just booked my first interview!

    Want to know what the station manager said on the phone…?

    “You get an A+ for marketing”

    Is that great or what?

    (I’ve had your course for longer that I’ll admit in public… but I’ve only started to implement it in the last week! While I prepared myself for the long haul like you suggest – The results have been practically instantaneous!)


    P.S. Sorry to hear you’re laid up. I guess it’ll have to be “Paul’s VIDEO Publicity Blog” from here on out.

  3. Paul Hartunian Says:


    You made my day! Great work and congratulations on your success. Now keep it up. Repeat what you did, fine tune it and keep going.


  4. Susan Says:

    Hi Paul –

    Ouch! I can empathize – went through a broken elbow, surgery, and occupational therapy seven months ago. Get well soon.


  5. Yves Marie Danie Baptiste Says:


    So, that’s where you’ve been. I broke my
    toe once. Now we’re kindred spirits. 🙂

    Feel better.

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