Another common questions I get is: “How long after I send my press releases should I call the reporters to follow up.”


That’s an easy one.  The answer is…




Never send out press releases and then call them to “follow up”, to ask if they received your press release or to ask if they want to do a story.


It’s a complete waste of time.


Let me give you an example.


If I send out 1,000 press releases around Valentine’s Day to promote my book on dating and relationships, “How To Find the Love of Your Life in 90 Days Or Less”, do you really think I would have the time to make 1,000 phone calls to the media people?


Not a chance.


But more importantly, the media people don’t want to hear from you.  They have better things to do than to talk to people “following up” on their press releases.


In an average, busy newsroom, 300 press releases show up every day.  Do you actually think the media people want to take 300 phone calls a day from people saying: “Hi, this Paul Hartunian.  I just wanted to know if you got the press release I sent you on Tuesday.”


I know, I know.  The vast majority of “publicity experts” recommend calling the media people 3 days after you send your press releases.


That is total nonsense.  They have no idea what they’re talking about.  My guess is that they are simply repeating to you what they read in someone else’s book about publicity.


In well over 20 years of sending out press releases and getting enormous amounts of publicity, I have never once called a reporter to follow up…and I never will.


You have better things to do than to stick your ear to the phone and make follow up phone calls.  If you know how to get publicity and you follow a tried a proven system, like mine, the only time you’ll pick up the phone is when the reporters call to interview you.


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