Let’s cut right to the chase on this one.

The REAL purpose of getting publicity for your business is to put money in your pocket and in your bank account.

Publicity equals dollars in the bank! Remember that formula.

It’s not about ego. It’s about money. Ego strokes don’t pay the mortgage. They don’t put you on that cruise ship. They don’t help you send your kids through college.

So, once you’ve got the publicity, what do you do?

You want the people reading about you or seeing you on TV or hearing you on radio to contact you to either purchase your product or ask for more information.

If you have a product that sells for around $50 or less, you can probably sell it right from your interview. If you try to sell products priced at more than about $50 (and that price isn’t set in concrete) people are going to be reluctant to buy without getting more information.

How do you accomplish that?

You can send them to a web sales page or you can send them a sales letter through the mail.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking only having a web page will do. If you don’t also have a good hard copy sales letter, you’ll miss out on the huge number of people who can’t or don’t want to use the Internet.

There’s an illusion right now that everyone on the planet has Internet service and knows how to use it. Dead wrong. The truth is that lots of people either don’t have Internet service or don’t want to use it.

So, you’ve got to have a hard copy sales letter ready to mail out.

You can probably use the exact same wording on your web page and your hard copy sales letter, but you’ve got to have both formats.

During your interviews, you can give out your web address, but also be sure to give out a phone number for people to request your hard copy information.

How do you put together a great sales letter?

One way is to have a professional write one for you. If you choose wisely, that professional can write a letter that can start an impressive flow of cash into your bank account.

I’m sure you’ve heard that good sales letters cost many thousands of dollars, plus a percentage of sale.

Some people do charge that, but many don’t.

I’ve had very good sales letters written for just a couple of hundred dollars. They worked very well.

Another option is to write the letter yourself. I know, I know. That probably just gave you chills. The thought of writing a powerful sales letter paralyzes most people.

If you don’t have the skill to write your own sales letter, hire someone. I’ve had the greatest success getting quality copywriters on www.Freelance.com.

If you go that route, be sure to ask for several samples of the person’s writing. Also, be sure the samples they send you are for sales letters, not for brochures or business cards, or anything else but sales letters.

Some copywriters will claim they can write an effective sales letter, but they don’t have any samples.

I immediately disqualify them. If a copywriter can’t send me samples of sales letters they’ve written and if those samples don’t make me want to buy the product, I don’t hire them.

Keep in mind that a powerful press release will get you the interviews. A powerful sales letter will make the sales. Put as much effort into your sales letter as you put into your press release.

By following my system, you can put together a killer press release in about 10 minutes.

With a powerful sales letter written by someone with skill, you have a winning combination.

If you have any questions on exactly how to hire a copywriter, ask me on our next coaching call, coming up this Monday. I’ve hired quite a number of copywriters to write over 200 sales letters for me. It’s been an excellent experience that saved me an enormous amount of time and returned the cost of the letter many times over.

See you next time.

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