“What’s the difference between publicity and advertising?”


Superb question! Publicity and advertising are worlds apart. Before you start any media campaign, you’ve got to understand this difference.


One of the fundamentals I teach my members in my “How to Get $1 Million Worth Of Publicity…FREE!” kit is:


“Ads sell, press releases tell.”
Ads try to sell something. Press releases never try to sell. They simply give information.


When you place an ad, people immediately see you as a salesman. Ads are meant to sell. When you place an ad, people put up their defenses. You’re going to have to convince them of a number of things:


1 – that you’re legitimate


2 – that you’re telling the truth


3 – that your product is for real


4 – that you won’t take off with their money


5 – that you’ll live up to your guarantee


6 – that you’re not a con artist


and so on. That’s an awful lot of objections to have to knock down.


When you run an ad, you put yourself in the hole of having to convince people that you’re for real.


On the other hand, when a story appears about you in a newspaper, the entire picture changes. Stories in the newspaper aren’t seen as advertising, they’re seen as news!


Now, here’s the killer benefit of publicity.


When people read about you in a newspaper or magazine, hear you on the radio or see you on TV, they *instantly* believe you. You actually get the implied endorsement of the media!


People assume that if you’re on the radio, you must be the expert – the best in your field.


Let me give you a crystal clear example.


Let’s say you sell insurance. There are 17 insurance salesmen in your town, you being just one of them.


You know how to use publicity. The other 16 don’t. So, what do they do to get new clients? They advertise.


When people open the newspaper, on the left-hand page they see 16 ads – one from each of the other insurance agents. The ads are screaming things like “Pick me for your insurance needs. I’ll give you good service” (like that’s a compelling reason to pick anyone!).


Or they say: “I’ve been selling insurance for 27 years”, “I’ll give you a free calendar”, “I’ll get you the best rates”.


That’s brutal, head-to-head combat. Nothing I’m interested in – and hopefully you aren’t either. I want my sales to come a whole lot easier than that.


So that’s what was on the left hand page – an advertising showdown.


On the right hand page is a full page story all about you (the only agent who knows how to use publicity). It talks about how you’ve been in town for over 14 years. How you sponsor the Little League. How you’re a member of the Rotary and JayCees. How you’re the chairman of the local food bank and a volunteer fireman.


The story goes on to talk about how you make yourself available every Friday just to answer questions community members have about their insurance policies. How you have free seminars each month on different insurance topics. How each year you go to the senior citizen home and, at no cost, check all the senior’s policies to be sure they’re up to date.


There’s a big picture of you, your wife, 3 kids and 2 dogs. You’re all smiling.


Not once in that story was there a sales pitch.


When people in that community need insurance, who are they going to call? One of the 16 salesmen on the left-hand page cutting each others throats or you, the man who the newspaper thought was so important they ran a full page article about you?


Now do you see the incredibly powerful difference between publicity and advertising?


Learning the right way to get publicity is one of the most powerful, profitable skills you’ll ever learn.


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