What’s stopping you from getting free publicity for your business? Or from getting more publicity than you’re getting now?

I’d like to help you solve those problems; to get rid of any frustrations you have about getting and using publicity.

Would you do me (and you) a favor and let me know what’s holding you back from getting powerful publicity for your business? If you do that, I’ll do my best to help you solve the problems and get rid of the barriers.

Publicity has given me a life 99.9% of people would envy. It’s given me my dream life.

I’d like to help you achieve your dream life. But I can’t do it unless I know what the problems are.

So right below this message, post your questions, your problems and your frustrations about publicity, press releases, doing media interviews, etc. and let’s see what we can do together to get rid of them.

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  1. Rory Says:

    Paul –

    Your post and question couldn’t be more timely. I have your Publicity Kit, and am so ready to submit releases. I wrote 4 two weeks ago…following your exact system and I am frozen.

    There is a part of me that is scared. Listening to other people about their systems doesn’t help….even though I haven’t followed through on yours yet. I have nothing to lose for trying, but I’ve heard from so many other people that faxes are outdated.

    Then I don’t even know who to send to… I want to submit to local media…but people keep telling me I need a local angle. I’m also being told I need to do better research on the columnists who might even be interested in covering my story…

    Bottom line – I’m full of excuses that are holding me back. That’s my own problem…and I know it. I guess I’m just too overwhelmed.

    Feel free to reply and be brutally honest. I know how you are, and what you would even say…

    Hope this helps.


  2. Nina Says:

    Figuring out the hook and simply getting it written. I wish I knew a reasonably priced PR person who could write for me.

  3. Ian Says:

    The whole press release issue, and understanding the statistics of how many fail to get anywhere near even a local newspaper. I know that it can really help my business, but how does one crack the press release game? I don’t want to spam these guys, just get a little bit of useful information out there!

  4. Paul Hartunian Says:

    Rory – If you have my publicity course and you get the newsletter, you’re entitled to be on the monthly coaching calls for free. Have you taken advantage of that? If not, knock off the excuses, get on the calls and ask me questions. How’s that for brutally honest? 😉

    You already know what your problem is. You make excuses for not taking action. You’re not alone. That’s the #1 reason people aren’t successful – not only with my publicity system, but in everything else in life. Without action, nothing happens.

    So, get on the November coaching call and we’ll solve your problems together – I promise. All the information you need to get on the call is in the insert in this month’s newsletter.

  5. Paul Hartunian Says:

    Nina – You don’t need a PR “professional” to write release for you. You already have all the skills and knowledge you need.

    Make a list of the most common questions your customers and potential customers ask you. Each one of those is perfect for a press release.

    Every product and service on earth does nothing but solve problems. Make another list of all the problems your product or service solve for people.

    Stop using the word “hook”. It drives me crazy and it leads you to believe that you need some sexy, dazzling, unique, sensational angle for your story to be interesting to the media. You don’t! All you need is some good information that people want to know.

    Do you know how to get upgrades on an airplane? Do you know how to stop moles from digging in my gardens? Do you know how to sell things on ebay? Do you know how to save money at the supermarket? Do you know how to coach kids playing soccer to win more often? Do you know how to get dogs to stop barking?

    All of these and thousands more are excellent angles for press releases.

    When a PR “professional” uses the word “hook”, I immediately ignore everything else they have to say. In my opinion, hook is simply an arrogant term used to make to think you can’t get publicity on your own.

    You can!

    What simple information do you know that lots of other people don’t know, but would like to know? That’s how you begin. And stop listening to people who try to convince you that there’s some magic to all of this and they are the magicians.

    Like everything else, you have to learn the basics. But once you’ve done that, you’re ready to roll.

    As I mentioned to Rory, if you are one of my newsletter subscribers, get on the coaching calls. Listen to what my other members ask and say. Ask me questions. We’ll get you going together.

  6. Wes Says:


    I just purchased your PR kit… and am excited to get er’ working for my business.

    I’d like to drop 2 press releases… that tie into Black Friday and the Xmas.

    How come?

    Well… the brutal truth is that business owners lose millions of dollars during Black Friday and Xmas.

    And they don’t even know it!

    How so?

    Because they blindly accept credit cards. And overpay their fees — big time.

    I figure… since the media thrives on FEAR… they’d love a story on this angle.

    I’d enjoy hearing your feedback and thoughts.

    Thanks Paul.

  7. Paul Hartunian Says:

    Ian – Why do you care how many people fail to get anywhere near even a local newspaper? what does that have to do with you?

    Absolutely nothing is the answer.

    Why do I care how many people failed to get a PhD? The only thing I care about is that I succeeded.

    Read the postings on this blogs. There are dozens and dozens of ideas and strategies you can easily modify for your own use.

    As I mentioned to Nina above, like everything else, you have to put the time and effort into learning the basics. The good news is that they are easy and fairly quick to learn.

    There is no “press release game” to crack. That’s like saying there’s a “bicycle riding game to crack”. No such thing. You simply learn how to ride a bike and then you’re a bike rider.

    If you send the media people quality information they can use, you’ll never be spamming them. They depend on people like you for quality information they can pass on to their audiences.

    I don’t care what business you’re in, I’m 100% certain you have information that people want to know about. All of that information is perfect for press releases and contacting the media both online and offline.

    A HUGE mistake people make is thinking that the information they know is not of value.

    As I mentioned in one of my answers above, if you know how to get rid of the moles in my beautiful gardens, I want to know you. You can solve a problem that I have.

    Every one of us goes to an enormous array of people because they know what we don’t know. We go to veterinarians, carpet cleaners, gardeners, dry cleaners, etc., etc., etc. because they have information we don’t.

    You have the same type of information. That’s what you start with.

  8. Paul Hartunian Says:

    Wes – That’s a perfect example of what I’ve been talking about in my previous answers to this posting. You know something that many other people don’t. There’s nothing glamorous, sexy, unique, dazzling, etc. about what you know. It’s just plain solid information.

    And you didn’t use the word hook! Thanks for that.

  9. Ron Says:

    We’ve gotten some very local “event type” releases published, usually from editors we have a relationship with. I sat down with one, and he said they really only look at e mailed releases today. My question was, “In what format? Regular ms word would likely come out distorted in many e mail servers, and a pdf may never get opened”. He did not have a good answer for that. What do you think, Paul…if you have to use email, which format would you use today, or do you still fax?

  10. Anna Moss Says:

    Hi Paul,

    I have devoured ALL of your public information and carefully followed your directions, but I have yet to snag a reporter’s interest.

    My ‘product’ is a mind map about how to spot the early warning signs of interpersonal abuse, which occurs at home, in the office, at school and so forth. It decodes 37 red flags from benign first appearance to deadly final blow. This is an under-served market of enormous size.

    I have sent out a press release every few weeks since June, posted regularly on my website and various social media.

    The only thing that has won response so far has been individual email outreaches. That has led to exchanges with a state senator, an internet radio host and a feature writer. None of these has resulted in book sales.

    If you’re wondering if the book is my story, the answer is ‘no’, but it is what I learned from my own experience. I fled 13 months ago with my life, my horses and that’s all. I had to give my cats and dogs to other people in advance of my own exit. Abusers usually kill pets left behind.

    What my book teaches will prevent abuse. If I can tap into one percent of the need, it will restore me financially.

    I would greatly appreciate any words of wisdom.

    Thank you.

  11. Johnny Midnight Says:

    Thanks Paul for the opportunity to share! We are a local Rock Band trying to break through to the local media. With all the competition it seems daunting to come up with a viable and truthful angle to breakthrough, when we see equal or even lesser bands getting the pub. I think I understand your angles, but having a hard time translating it to Rock Bamd promotion.

  12. Paul Hartunian Says:

    Ron – I don’t believe what the editor told you. Do you really think that if a great story was faxed to him in the form of a press release, he would not follow up because it wasn’t emailed???

    Of course that’s not true. It’s simply trendy to say that you only work online. There is no doubt that if you fax a great story, anyone is going to run with it.

    But, as for online publicity – unless you already have a relationship with a reporter, it can be difficult to get through the barrage of similar emails he’s getting that day, although it certainly can be done.

    Unless I’m working with a very local story, I always use online press release distribution services. I get far better deliverability, search engine pickups, backlinks, etc.

  13. Paul Hartunian Says:

    Anna- I ask you the same thing I’ve asked several people on this post – since you have my publicity kit, have you taken advantage of the free coaching calls you’re entitled to? If not, why not?

    My system is very straight forward. You most probably are making a simple mistake in one of the steps.

    Most often, the mistake people make is that they don’t follow my system to the letter. They add their own “flavor”, which screws things up.

    If you’re going to bake a chocolate cake and you follow most of the recipe, but then you decide to add bacon, you make a mess. The same is true for most tried, tested systems.

    Get on the next coaching call, ask me questions, and we’ll get you on the right road.

  14. Paul Hartunian Says:

    Johnny – there has NEVER been a rock band that made it without using publicity. Never. And there never will be.

    I am also a musician. so we both know that talent has little to do with success in this business. Promotion is everything.

    Stop practicing your chord progressions (you already know how to play well enough) and learn how to use publicity to promote yourself and your band. It’ll be an investment in time that can pay off enormously. After all if the Jonas Brothers can make it, you can too.

  15. Kevin McNamara Says:

    Hi Paul, Love your work and this blog is great. I have just finished my first book and will be self publishing. It is currently at the printers and I will have it in my hot little hands in a week or so. The book is about my life and how I handled the emotion and grief of losing a child to cot death as well as other smaller setbacks in my life. I have had no problem writing my press releases but have struggled getting responses from the major media, tv and commercial radio. Would appreciate your feedback. PS I woud love you to write a testimonial for my book. I live in Australia. How should I go about that? Many thanks Paul. Kevin

  16. Paul Hartunian Says:


    I work with a lot of authors. I always tell them to start getting publicity at least 6 months before their book is due out.

    You may wonder how you can get publicity without a book. It’s easy. Get publicity for your topic, not your book. So, when your book finally does come out, people already know your name, like you and your information and want more.

    When you start your publicity campaigns when your book comes out, people say: “Who is this guy Kevin McNamara? I’ve never heard of him.”

    As for not having trouble writing your press releases, I disagree. If you’re not getting responses from the media you must be having problems with the release.

    If you’re a subscriber to my newsletter, get on the coaching call coming up and let’s go over what you’re doing.

  17. Brian Says:

    Hi Paul …
    I’ve never bought anything from you but I’ve devoured every free bit of info you’ve generously shared. I get fairly regular coverage in local TV radio and print when we host events for that purpose with community educational topics .. child safety, bully-ing issues, persoanl safety, etc.

    But I’ve yet to get a snowball effect where on hit turns into a bunch. or ..where I can return and have a regular “spot” sort of a pre-coordinated series with a particular theme and several sub stories.

    Your thoughts?

  18. Sherry Richardson Says:

    Hi Paul,

    I bought your system in 2007. Yikes… I have written 5 press releases and sending them weekly to local media. I have not had a response but will continue sending press releases every Wednesday. I am not sure I have access to your coaching calls but I will keep an eye for them in my email. Thanks.

  19. Paul Hartunian Says:

    Brian –

    You’ve made a very common mistake. You’ve learned the very basics, which will work locally on a limited basis, but you haven’t learned the rest of the system. That’s like being able to ride a 2 wheel bike with training wheels. You’re riding the bike, but you’re very limited on what you can do.

    If you take what you know and put the effort into learning the rest, you’ll be astonished at how much you were missing out on.


  20. Paul Hartunian Says:

    Sherry –

    You’ve got to be missing some part of my system – probably something very small. Are you following my system to the letter without making any additions of your own?

    If you are still getting my paper and ink newsletter in the mail you’re entitled to get on the coaching calls for free. Get on the next call and let’s go over what you’re doing. I’m certain we’ll solve it and get you on the right track.


  21. Sheila Says:

    My first ever Press Release just landed me 2 local “Gold Medals”.
    I faxed out my first ever PR on Friday Oct.15, and then again on Friday Oct. 23, with a few teaks to it, as you recommend.
    Monday I got a call from the BEST local TV station to be on a live interview with ther MOST FAMOUS anchorman the very next day (which eas yesterday)during the 5:00pm newscast. They had been wondering what story they’d do, and along came my PR. As you say, I helped them by providing a good story for their audience, and my PR came at just the right time for them.
    As I was rushing out the door yesterday evening to get to the TV station, I got a call from the MOST FAMOUS reporter at the local newspaper! WOW!!Another, grand slam!
    Today he came to my office and interviewed me, really we had a 40 minute friendly chat, and his column about my story will appear in the newspaper this Friday Oct. 30!

    This is brining LIFE to my business and has me and my employees EXCITED instead of down in the dumps about the slowing economy. We’re taking action and pushing forward.
    Thanks Paul!
    I trust EVERY WORD you say, because I know without a doubt it’s right on! And I knew it before I sent out the fax.
    What was the story you ask?
    Well, it is a ‘different’ Halloween story.
    I am a dentist and my office is hosting a Candy Buy Back event Nov 04. I will buy candy off kids and ship it to Operation Gratitude who sends it to troops serving overseas.

  22. Jillian Says:

    Hi Paul, I’m sending you a love note all the way from Australia, love your work, it’s timeless. I’ve read so many of the comments submitted to you over the years and I just couldn’t take it any more. I’m standing up with hand raised up high above my head,deep breath taken and I’m saying loudly to all of your customers and customers to be: “stop doubting yourself” everything that all of us Direct Response Marketers or info marketers are telling you works. We are living proof. “You just need to believe in yourself”. Look at the websites, all of those testimonials are real. You just need to believe in yourself each and every day and above all else deliver everything you do with the utmost integrity and honesty. You can only be successful.
    Paul, we will be at the world expo this time next year in US showcasing our product, we wrote it and launched it within 7 months for under A$50,000. True Story: self belief – took alot of it!!! But the business is already up and running successfully in Australia. Look out US and UK, were coming to get you all the way from OZ. thanks again Paul, Dan, Ron, zig and all the rest of you. Who am I? We were featured in the Info Marketers mag, my first info marketers business was in the hair and beauty industry, recently sold my share to my business parnter to create my new business. Jill xxx

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