Last time we were talking about using photographs in your publicity campaigns.  Photos will help you build both name and face recognition for you.  Both are VERY important.


So what kind of photos should you send?  How big should they be? What should they show?


If you’re sending an online press release, providing a link to a downloadable photo will be fine.


If you want to mail a photo along with your press release, send them both in a #10 envelope.  Include a photo that’s either 3×5? or 4×6?.  There’s no need to send a larger photo.  If the reporter wants to enlarge your photo he can have it done very easily.


All photos you send, without exception, should be in color.  It’s easy for a reporter to make a black and white out of your color photo, but it’s impossible to take your black and white and turn it into a color photo.  With more and more newspapers printing photos in color, color photos are the only way to go.


On the back of your photo put a label that has your name, address, phone number and a brief description of what the photo is about. If there are people in the photo, identify each one in order from left to right.


Also describe the subject of the photo.  Don’t assume that the reporter will know who the people are or what the subject is.


Don’t write on the back of your photo with a pen or pencil. You’ll probably damage the photo for use because your writing will make an impression on the image side.  A label is the way to go when identifying your photo.


Also, if you don’t have a label on your photo and it gets separated from your press release, the chance of it being reunited with the press release is darned slim.  You’ll lose your opportunity to have your photo published.


What should your photo show?  Should it be an action shot?  Should it be a “headshot”.  Should it show only one person or several?


Hmmm, seems like a good topic for the next article.


See you then.


Should they be in color or black and white?


All of that and lots more in the next article.


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