I just got an email from a reporter with the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). They want to interview me on how to use publicity to become a celebrity in your field. This reporter would like to talk with some people who have used my publicity system to become well-known, well-recognized and even a celebrity in their field.

If you’d like to be interviewed by the same person for the same story you have to:

1 – have my publicity kit and be able to talk about it

2 – have used the information you learned from my publicity kit to get publicity

3 – have used that publicity to become a celebrity in your field

It makes no difference what field you’re in. You can be a landscaper, an exterminator, a chimney sweep, a physician, a real estate agent, an insurance agent…whatever. It’s important that you used my publicity information to become well-known in your field.

Don’t get shaken by the word “celebrity”. It simply means well-known and easily recognized.

If you meet the requirements I just described, email me and I’ll give you the contact information you’ll need to get in touch with the reporter.

The BBC has an incredible reach all around the world, so this could be very valuable to you. If you qualify, don’t pass up this opportunity.

And for you folks who’ve been on the fence about getting and using my publicity system, this is a superb example of the potential benefits.

As I’ve said many, many times, publicity has given me everything I could possibly want in my life. I’d love you to have the same opportunity.

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  1. Chris Grant Says:

    Dear Paul,
    Delighted to receive your email regarding the BBC.
    I would be more than happy to confirm we have used your system to promote our product furthermore I am an expert in sleep depravation caused by snoring.
    Looking forward to hearing from either you or the BBC.
    Thank you for this opportunity.
    Kind regards

  2. Celia Gates Says:

    Hey Sir Paul – How’s your wrist injury? I hope you’re on the recovery. Did the ergonomic saucepan help?

    I would love to come on the BBC with you. Your system is brilliant – it works and has had me feature on BBC one at least twice, BBC two + radios. You watch how I use it to hit the Australian market next… its exciting times here.

    All the best Celia

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