The whole purpose of all the tips I give you on how to get publicity is for you to be interviewed by media people, both online and offline.

Well, this may be the best tip I give you.

Have you heard of “Help a Reporter”?

It’s a free service that connects people wanting to be interviewed with media people who need people to interview.

When you sign up for Help a Reporter (it’s free) you’ll get a couple of emails a day. Each email will contain a list of topics that reporters need help with. If you know the topic well, you can contact that media person and possibly get an interview.

There’s no cost to you whatsoever. Just free media exposure.

Sweet deal, eh?

Be sure to make it even sweeter by doing the interviews the way I teach you in my full publicity kit (get information at

I just got my second email from them for today and there are dozens of requests from the media for people like you.

Sign up at: and you just may get an interview today!

Let me know how you make out!

See you next time with another tip on how you can get free publicity for your business.

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