In the last post I was talking about letters to the editor being a potent and little used way of getting publicity.  Let me give you some specific examples of how to put them to use in your business.


Let’s say you have a dating service called


You read a story in the paper (or hear it on radio or see it on TV) about how people age 24-35 are finding it difficult to hook up with the opposite sex because of the pressures of work.


It would be very easy for you to write a letter to the editor or producer saying something like:


“While it may be true that the average 24-35 year old is finding it difficult to socialize due to the pressure of work, at we’re finding an interesting response to that problem.  We’re finding that the number of people in the 24-35 age bracket has increased 61% just within the last 3 months.  Most probably that’s because these people have no time to socialize in the standard ways, but find online dating fast, easy and very efficient.”


See how easy it was to get in a plug for your business?


You can do the same for just about any business.  Let’s say an article appears about new housing starts increasing by 17%.


A carpenter could send in a letter saying: “At Best Carpentry we are finding the demand for new high-end houses is far exceeding the demand for inexpensive homes.  This indicates to us a very strong economy, since we only build high-quality, luxury homes in the Chicago area.”


A real estate agent could send a letter commenting on the same thing, talking about how many high-end homes she is selling, also indicating a strong economy.  In her letter she would say: “At High-End Realty, we are finding a huge demand for luxury homes.  In fact, we’ve even prepared a special report warning consumers of the traps they can fall into when buying a luxury home.”


Could you ask for a better plug?  Don’t be surprised if a reporter or talk show host follows up your letter with a request to do a more in-depth interview or to have you on their show.


Letters to editors, producers, talk show hosts, etc. can be very potent, profitable forms of publicity.  Probably the greatest benefit is that so few people are using them correctly that you’ll have very little competition.


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