I got a very good question from a subscriber who’s in the college funding business. They’re not involved in the scam of “scholarship search”. They’re students of my good friend Brian Kay and are in the legitimate area of finding money for families who want to send their children to college.

The media often run stories about the scholarship scams. Unfortunately, they rarely, if ever, give the other side of the story. I don’t often see a good story about legitimate college funding.

Shame on the media, but also shame on the people involved in college funding. This is a classic case of flipping bad news into good.

Most of us have to generate interest in our story. With college funding there’s already a tremendous interest. Often it’s all bad. But at least it’s in the public eye. People are aware of the story.

That leaves a huge opening for someone to tell the public about the legitimate side.

One subscriber faxed me another one of the negative “Watch Out For Scholarship Service Fraud” stories. It was just like all the others I (and probably you) have read. The subscriber wanted to know how to respond to that story and get some coverage for his legitimate college funding business.

I’m sure that every one of you is involved in the ethical side of whatever business you’re in. This gives you a great opportunity for publicity by being the spokesman or woman for ethics.

Offer to tell the media all about the scams in your field. Tell them how the scams operate. Offer to answer their reader’s or listener’s questions about how to avoid the scams.

One of my members operates a body and fender repair shop. He once asked me “How in the world can *I* get publicity. There’s nothing newsworthy about the auto body repair business.

Oh please!!! I instantly suggested he talk about the scams involved in the business. Offer to be a guest on talk shows in his area each week or month and answer call-in questions about auto body repair.

I offer the same answer to every one reading this blog post. Since the subscriber who is in college funding asked the question, I’ll respond to him specifically.

Send out a press release telling the media what they know already. The college funding/scholarship search has lots of fraud running through it. Then, offer to tell the media the details of how the frauds operate. Tell them what consumers can look for and be careful of.

Be sure *not* to push your service.

Obviously the media people will ask you who consumers should go to for ethical college funding. You can respond in a number of ways.

Be right up front and tell them that you operate an ethical college funding business. But don’t harp on that. You’re offering to expose the frauds since you are an insider in the business and you know the ins and out.

This will be a perfect example of the halo effect. The media people will see you as being helpful to their audience. You didn’t try to jam your business down their throat.

Once the media people see that you’re giving out great information, they’ll be happy to publicize your business. The audience will see the halo and be more inclined to come to you for assistance.

Next time I’ll tell you about a dumb trick that some people pull when they’re trying to get publicity, but all it does is get them banned for life!


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