Yesterday I told you about the topless coffee shop in Maine. Loads of free publicity was showered on the shop and the owner.

Well, that shop is in the news again today, giving it a second round of worldwide publicity.

Here’s the link to the second story: Topless Coffee Shop Gets More Free Publicity.

Thanks to Chris James for letting me know about this second round of publicity.

Now how hard was this?

The guy opens a coffee shop. There are a million of them. Times are tough and people aren’t as willing to spend money on coffee.

So how does this guy make his coffee shop stand out?

“Hmmm, I got it. Servers, why don’t you take off your tops.”

Wham, the guy and his coffee shop make news around the world. Instantly!

But still, millions of people aren’t taking advantage of the free publicity opportunities that are around them every single day. (and no, you don’t have to go topless to get free publicity).

If you’re one of those people not jumping on the free publicity bandwagon, time to hop to it.

I don’t want to hear any more whining about the economy. It doesn’t have to cost anything to get publicity.

I don’t want to hear any moaning about how hard it is to come up with story ideas. I’ve given you dozens of ideas just on this blog.

Go to my Free Publicity and Press Release Resource Center, grab the resources you need and get going.

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You wouldn’t want to be the only one left out, would you? 😉

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  1. Steve G Says:

    And does it get much better than CNN..? ;}

    – Steve

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