Once again, topless is in the news, getting publicity for the smart business owner.

Seems that a coffee shop owner in Maine wanted to stir up some business. Times are rough. And does the world need another coffee shop?

So the owner used a well-worn marketing ploy to not only drum up business, but also gain worldwide publicity. His waitstaff is topless.

Amazing what a commotion a pair of breasts can cause, isn’t it? Whether their packed away in a bra or bouncing around in a coffee shop, they stir things up. This Maine coffee shop is no different. The townspeople turned out in droves to oppose it.

I wonder if they’d turn out in such numbers to oppose a gun shop. Or a video store that sold violent movies. Probably not.

But wave the prospect of boobs around and people lose their minds.

Here’s the link for the video of the story about the topless coffee shop.

Well, just goes to show that old, sagging (pun very much intended) marketing strategies work.

Same goes for old publicity strategies. They work and work and work. But only if they’re put into action.

To paraphrase the saying: We are now in one of the greatest, most bountiful buffets of our lives, but most people are starving.

Not me. Not the people who have the motivation to take action and the courage to risk.

That’s it for now. I’m going to create a stir in my neighbor by walking my dog topless.

Hmmm, maybe I’m not fully understanding how this topless thing works.

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  1. Nino Says:

    Times are hard for the retail business, but What extremes! Sometimes You gotta do what you gotta do! Not bad don’t you think Paul!?

    No one said how GOOD the coffee is- now did they! Like the old Domino’s Pizza USP. “Hot and Fresh to your door in 30 minutes or less – Guaranteed!” Again no mention on how good the pizza was!

    It’s like the “Vegas Routine” you treat people with VIP status, give them their money’s worth, make your establishment eye appealing . . . they leave satisfied, even if they loose!

    Bad publicity is still Good Publicity! My hat off to them!
    Nino Cruz

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