When I look back on my life, there are three lessons I’ve learned, each of which has become solidly hardwired into my psyche.


1 – There never was anything to be afraid of.  The opportunities I passed up, the women I never enjoyed, the rock star I never became.  All sacrificed at the altar of fear – fear that never really existed.


2 – My worst decisions and actions happened when I was being petty, weak or self-involved.  The less-than-kind comments I made about people, the negative outside influences that affected me.


3 – I am on this planet for bigger purposes than accumulating riches.  Thirteen years ago my life was permanently, profoundly altered by a dog named Milo.  He put me on an entirely different life path.  Milo helped me see that one of the major reasons I’ve been fortunate enough to accumulate substantial wealth is to use that money to help homeless, abused and abandoned dogs.


Milo also taught me humility.  As I stand on a platform at a seminar, having just finished giving a 90-minute talk to an audience of hundreds, getting a standing ovation from the admiring crowd and getting a paycheck equal to many people’s annual salary, I clearly keep in mind that at the same time on the next day I’ll be back in my yard, cleaning up dog poop left by the dozen rescue dogs now in our care.


Thank you Milo.


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