A while back I was reading “The Joy of Publishing” by Nat Bodian.  I came across this anecdote that’s an example of a perfect publicity strategy:




“A book on how to stop snoring was going nowhere until the author noticed a short newspaper item in which he read about a wife filing for a divorce because she could no longer stand her husband’s loud snoring.  The author quickly sent off a copy of his book to the judge hearing the case.  On reviewing the book, the judge announced in court that he felt the book could save the couple’s marriage.


The judge’s action made the local news, was later picked up by the wire services and subsequently resulted in feature articles – all of course, mentioning the book.  We don’t know if the judge’s action saved the marriage, but the book went into four printings.”


Publicity opportunities are all around you.  Do you know how to take advantage of them?


That’s it for this issue.  See you next time.


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