I’m back from my annual pilgrimage to the New York State Fair.  Every one of the 12 days was a small slice of heaven.


Once again, on Labor Day, free newspapers were distributed to everyone attending The Fair.  And once again, the paper was a slim shadow of it’s regular self.  Far fewer pages than a regular Monday.  The simple reason was that it was a holiday and far fewer people than usual sent in press releases.  A great opportunity for publicity was passed over by thousands of people.


The holiday season is coming up.  There’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.  Each one of these is a special opportunity for you to get publicity for your business.  You can count on the reporters getting far fewer press releases than usual.  This increases your chances of getting publicity.


Your story doesn’t have to tie into the holiday to get recognition.  Of course, if you can tie your story into the holiday, you’ll have an advantage.  But reporters are so hungry for stories at this time, your chances are good, as long as you have a reasonable story.  This goes double for the week between Christmas and New Years Day.


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