Most people think the only thing they need to get interviews with reporters is a press release.

Dead wrong!!! There’s more that’s needed.

Plus, most people don’t realize that when a reporter calls to book an interview, he will almost always ask one simple, little question. All he wants to see is if you answer that little question correctly.

If you do, you’ll probably get an interview.

If you don’t your chances of getting an interview just died.

And there are two words that will certainly kill your chances of getting that interview.

Here’s the scenario:

You send out your press release. A reporter calls you to get more information and possibly book an interview. He asks you a few questions.

Let’s stop right here! I just told you that the reporter is going to ask you a few questions.

He is NOT really interested in the information – his questions are tests!

The reporter is testing you to see if you know how to play the publicity game. If you answer wrong, you don’t pass the test and you don’t get an interview. After all, reporters get dozens or even hundreds of press releases every day. They can’t waste time on people who don’t know how to play the game. When people don’t pass the test questions, the reporter simply moves on to the next person who knows how to answer the questions.

One of the questions the reporter is going to ask you is:

“Do you have anything else you can send me?”

This is where most people go wrong. When the reporter asks this test question, most people say:

“Like what?”.

That’s the end of the line right there. What you just said to the reporter is “I don’t know how to play the publicity game. That’s why I don’t know the right answer to the question you just asked me.

So, what should you say when the reporter asks “Do you have anything else you can send me?”

You should immediately say:

“Yes, I have a bio and a q&a. I’ll fax (or email) them to you as soon as we hang up.”

Be sure you have your bio and q&a put together the correct way and send them to the reporter immediately. Your press release is the first exposure a reporter has to you. But the bio and q&a are every bit as important. And they are just as easy to put together as the press release. Be sure you do them the right way because they will also indicate to the reporter whether or not you know what to do.

When you do that, you become solid gold to that reporter. Very few people know how to correctly answer that question and have their bio and q&a put together the right way and ready to go.

In future issues I’ll reveal some of the other test questions reporters will ask you and how you must answer. After all, these are the all important test questions that’ll determine whether or not you get the interview. The answers to the questions are easy, as long as you know what to answer.

But say the wrong thing and you’ve just let the reporter know you don’t know what you’re doing.

See you next time.
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