One of my favorite quotes is: “Failure usually follows the path of least persistence”.


I should make this the theme of my publicity system.  How many times have I told you success stories from people using my publicity kit that were based on persistence?


People enjoying the success of publicity don’t simply send out one press release to a dozen reporters expecting to get rich overnight. It doesn’t happen that way.


Instead they set up a regular program, sending out press releases every week or two.  This didn’t require much effort.  Sometimes it simply means changing the headline.  (I give you a couple of hundred headlines in my publicity kit.  You just have to pick one and use it.)


Sometimes it means changing a few of the details.


It usually doesn’t mean writing a whole new press release.


So, for about 10 minutes of effort every week or two, you can have a whole new publicity campaign.


That quote I gave you at the beginning of this section can also read: “Success usually follows the path of most persistence.”


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