I was listening to my local talk radio station.  A tiny little station in my tiny little town.


I heard a guy named Johnny May being interviewed about identity theft.  What it is, how to identify it, how to prevent it, how to correct it, the huge problems it can cause in our lives.


He was great!  His topic was great.  His information was great.  The plug for his book and website were great.  This guy knows publicity the way I teach it.


For a full half hour I listened to every word he said.


He was so good that I went to his website and sent him an email complimenting him on the outstanding job he did, not only presenting his information but also setting up his book as a “must have” for everyone listening.


I’m sure he’s doing a nationwide publicity campaign, as I recommend.  When you hear him on your station, listen to every single word. It’s a masterpiece.


You can go to his website at http://www.identitytheftinfo.com


I don’t get a dime for mentioning Johnny.  Excellence deserves reward.  Johnny was excellent.


Are you doing this with your interviews?  Have you chosen a great topic? Are you giving out solid information?  Are you sure you’re

never trying to sell your product yourself, like I teach you?  Are you letting the interviewer sell your product for you, the way I teach you?


I’ve said it 10,000 times and I’ll probably say it 10,000 times again.  I can’t think of a more enjoyable, cheap, powerful, fast, effective way of promoting and selling any product, service or business than by using publicity.


You can get full information about my complete publicity kit, which has helped thousands of people skyrocket their business, promote their products and literally alter their lives, at

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