Do you have a banner that promotes your business? If not, you may be missing out on a golden opportunity.

Here’s why.

A wile back we needed a 2-foot by 6-foot vinyl banner in two colors made for our dog project. We checked locally and got prices ranging from $140 – $200. Then they said it would take about a week to get it to us. Seemed pretty expensive to us and a week was longer than we wanted to wait. That’s when I went online and found someone whocould do a great banner, have it in my hands in three daysand do it all for $49.95.

It was a gorgeous, two color, high quality, heavy duty banner. We had a proof of the banner sent to us within 3 hours of ordering. The banner was done the next day and on its way to us.

If you can’t think of about a dozen ways you can use a banner to promote your business, you just aren’t thinking.

Now, how do you tie this into publicity? Simple – and powerful!

Remember that the whole purpose of getting publicity is to put money into your bank account. The way you put money into your bank account is to get your contact information into newspaper and magazine articles written about you.

What happens if you get a great story written about you in the newspaper, but the reporter didn’t put your contact information into the article? No phone number, no web address, no street address…nothing.

Well, you’ve not only wasted your time, you also wasted a golden opportunity to put a stream of cash into your bank account. After all, if people can’t get in touch with you, they can’t give you their money.

If you have a banner ready to go, you can stack the odds tremendously in your favor.

Keep your banner simple. Don’t have lots of text, clip art, illustrations, etc. Keep it simple and easy to read.

Basically, have your name or your business name and one or two contact points. So, you might have your name, phone number and web address. Or you may have your name, phone number and street address.

Don’t have any more than two contact points. It becomes too congested and confusing.

I know what other marketers have told you. They said to cram in as much contact information as possible. If you’re writing an article, that’s fine advice. But if you’re doing something like a banner or a billboard, that’s bad advice. When you have a limited amount of space, like a banner or billboard, you want to keep everything as simple and clear to read as possible.

Then, when you do your interviews and it’s time for the photographer to take the pictures, be sure stand in front of your banner. Stand off to the side so that the banner can be easily read. That way, if your contact information doesn’t wind up in the article, readers can see it as clear as day in the photos.

If you’re going to use a banner, *be absolutely sure* to have it professionally done. No homemade banners. Sure, you may save the $49.95 on the banner, but you’ll lose many, many times that amount on lost business.

Recently I was walking through my neighborhood and saw a sign in front of a house. The sign was put there by the company painting the house. The name of the company was Quality Painters. The sign was done on a piece of scrap plywood, using the type of stencils we used in third grade to make a poster. Not such a great impression.

Investing in a quality banner will be one of the best investments you can make in your publicity campaigns. You can have it up in seconds and it’ll be a great way of getting your contact information out to the public. After all, isn’t that what publicity is all about?


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