I just sent out the latest issue of my publicity ezine. At the end of the issue I mentioned that I have a sick, 8-week-old puppy wrapped in my fleece sweatpants, sitting on my desk like a little ornament.

Within minutes of sending out that issue I started receiving requests to post her photo.

Good idea! Here she is.

Her name is Dagney. Yep, after the main character in Ayn Rand’s incredible book, Atlas Shrugged. Dagney has had a rough few weeks of her new life.

We got her in two weeks ago. I’ve developed an incredibly sharp sense of picking up when things aren’t right with dogs. As soon as I saw Dagney, I felt something was wrong. She was acting perfectly normal. Running around, eating, pooping (that’s an important one), etc.

I still wasn’t happy.

I ran a test for Parvo on her. Eight minutes later it came back posititive.

Parvo is a viral disease in puppies that’s fatal over 80% of the time.

Within 10 minutes I had her, her brother and sister at the vet.

Five days later, all three came back to our kennel, all alive and well because we picked up the problem so early.

Then Dagney came down with kennel cough – a fairly routine, cold-like disease in dogs.

So, I gave her her medicine, wrapped her up in my sweat pants and propped her up in front of me while I work on my computer.

I’ll keep you posted on how Dagney is doing.

But before I close I want to thank Dr. Richard Orzeck, a veterinarian from upstate New York, who let me know about the 8-minute Parvo test. So far, the tests he sent me have saved the lives of seven puppies. Pretty powerful stuff!

That’s it for now. Dagney wants some attention.

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  1. Shama Hyder Says:


    I agree with you. I will just add that consumers who have businesses also make for more savvy clients. They have higher expectations-and that’s good!


  2. Jim Smith Says:

    I think Miss Rand would have approved. She kept cats; named one of them Frisco and one of his kittens Dominique. (For those not familiar with her work from The Fountainhead.)

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