In my last two posts I described my vision of the perfect publicity driven business.

Right after I post the last message, Dan Page, one of my very active subscribers. He had a couple of excellent points that fit right into this discussion.

I’ll let Dan say it in his own words:

“You’re right on Paul, I’ve been doing a lot of radio interviews from releases I sent out, referencing a new business we just launched. We are preparing to put all the radio station logos on the front page of our web site (another way to use the publicity if you don’t have an office), and make the recordings available as MP3.”

“Here is another trick I learned from you: After I got as much mileage as possible from my first release (7 radio interviews), I drafted a second release and put a testimonial from one of my interviews (from the 1st release) within the body of the 2nd press release. Just started sending last night and have already booked my first interview with a NY radio station for tomorrow morning!”

Great work, Dan. Thanks!

Dan has exceptional success with his publicity campaigns – because he takes action. I’ve given you everything you need in my publicity kit ( but you have to put it into action.

See you next time.


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