Photos of Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby sold for $1 million.

Photos of Matthew McConaughey’s baby sold for $3 million.

Photos of Angelina Jolie’s twins could bring….

Fifteen Million Dollars!

And for all this money, the people paying the dough didn’t even get to keep the baby. All they got were photos!

This is nuts.

How long will you have to work to earn one million dollars?

Well Nicole Richie got $1 million just for letting someone take photos of her baby.

What has this woman ever accomplished in her life?

What have you accomplished in your life? I’ll bet a whole lot more than Nicole Richie. But you didn’t get a million bucks. She did.

Now, all of my ranting and raving is completely irrelevant because the fact of the matter is that Nicole Richie got a million dollars because she is a “celebrity” and you are not. The only thing that qualifies her to be a celebrity is her ability to attract the attention of the media.

As much as I pound the drum about the absolute need for you to make yourself a celebrity, people still are resisting me on this. They don’t think it’s really necessary. They don’t think they have anything worth becoming a celebrity about. They don’t think they can do what it takes to become a celebrity.

I’ve said it so many times, but I’ll say it again – it makes absolutely NO difference what business you’re in. You can be a carpet cleaner, an exterminator, a roofer, a cosmetic surgeon, an accountant, a bicycle repairman, an auto mechanic – whatever. You MUST become a celebrity in your field.

The good news is that it’s easy. It’s automatic. Just being in the media – on TV or radio, in newspapers and magazines – automatically and instantly makes you a celebrity.

The people resisting the idea of the value of becoming a celebrity – or who don’t believe in the need at all – are going to be swept away, never to be heard from again.

Those of you who are resisting, remember what I’m telling you today, July 24, 2008. Remember this when you’re looking for a new business. Or a new trade or a new profession because someone else in your business trade or profession used the media to make themselves celebrities and put you out of business.

Learn the right way to draw the attention of the media. Learn the right way to do interviews. Learn the right way to make yourself a celebrity and turn those interviews into more customers, more business and more profits. Learn it all RIGHT HERE.

And then there are those of you who think offline publicity (faxing and mailing press releases) is “old school” and online publicity (using the Internet to distribute your press releases) is the only way to go. Since online press release distribution is predominantly for search engine ranking, you online publicity folks can sit in front of your computer screens and look at your search engine ranking while we offline publicity people are doing interviews, becoming celebrities and enjoying the benefits.

The smart people are combining offline and online press release distribution and enjoying the enormous benefits of both worlds.

Don’t miss my next blog post. It’s titled “How To Spot A Bogus Publicity Expert”. It ties right into this post.

See you later. Fame is knocking at my door.

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  1. Alan Tutt Says:

    You are absolutely right, Paul! I’ve seen it happen over and over again in several fields, particularly mine! Those who attract the media attention are considered ‘better’ experts than those who are actually better at what they do, or who have better quality information.

    I’m also seeing that in the information field, the ‘celebrity factor’ plays a big role in the prices that can be charged. I suspect it’s the same in other fields too. A celebrity doctor can charge more than an unknown, even if the unknown is actually a better doctor. A celebrity car mechanic can charge more for the same service than the other guy down the street.

    In many ways, most companies spend tons of money on advertising trying to build a celebrity image, but those who get media coverage get there quicker and with fewer expenses.

    I’m just getting started on my publicity campaign, but I’m very excited about the long-term possibilities! The biggest ‘problem’ I’m running into so far is that I’m trying to be perfect right out of the gate in order to make a great first impression.

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