Mary and I have been together for 20 years. In that time she’s become intimately familiar with my publicity system.

She’s seen me interviewed on TV, heard me on radio and seen me in newspapers and magazines.

She knows the power of publicity and what it can do for you.

She knows how publicity, done the right way, can make celebrities out of “ordinary” people.

She’s seen it happen repeatedly with my publicity students.

Well, the other day she told me she had signed up for a seminar being run by a “pet psychic”. Just a few days earier we had seen a TV show on Animal Planet about a pet psychic. I asked her if the seminar was being run by the same woman.

Her response absolutely floored me. Mary said:

“Oh, I’d never get the chance to work with the woman we saw on TV. She’s a celebrity.”

Totally stunned, I asked her what made her think that woman was a celebrity. She said “Well, she’s been on Animal Planet”!

I didn’t know what to say next.

When I finally recovered, I reminded her that this woman was very possibly on Animal Planet because she was the only animal psychic who bothered to learn how to use publicity and send a press release to Animal Planet.

I continued by reminding her that she knew very well that one of the huge benefits of using publicity correctly is that it can make people “celebrities” overnight. I reminded her of the many students of mine who’ve become “celebrities”.

None of that made any difference. Mary still maintains that the woman we saw is a celebrity because she was on Animal Planet.

This is coming from the woman who lives with the “King of Publicity” (that’s me, by the way)!!!

This was probably one of the clearest, most poignant demonstrations to me of the incredible power of publicity. Even when someone knows exactly how publicity works, they’re still in awe of the “celebrity” status that publicity bestows on people.

Now, how could this “celebrity” status help the woman who was on Animal Planet?

Well, first she could probably raise her consulting rates through the roof.

If she runs seminars, she could probably increase the price of the seminar 5 or 10 times while running the exact same seminar she always ran.

She’ll probably be invited to speak at pet seminars around the country for the rest of her life.

If she’s smart, she’ll accept every invitation, get paid to speak and also sell her products and services.

Are you getting an idea of the size of the cash gusher she just opened up simply by being on Animal Planet?

The seminar Mary signed up for cost $95 for a full day. I asked her what she thought a similar seminar run by the woman who was on Animal Planet would cost. She said “probably thousands.”


How does she even know that the “Animal Planet woman” is any good? She doesn’t, but it didn’t matter. That woman got one of the most powerful benefits publicity has to offer – she got the implied endorsement of Animal Planet. After all, if she was on Animal Planet, she must be the best…or at least that’s how the thinking goes. The truth may be very different.

People like doing business with celebrities. They like associating with celebrities. They like being in the “glow” of celebrities. They’re in awe of celebrities.

Don’t for one second underestimate that celebrity power. Just by being in your local newspaper or on your local radio or TV talk show, you can become the celebrity chiropractor or carpenter or bake shop owner or insurance agent…or whatever it is that you do.

How much selling do you think you’d have to do if the person you were trying to sell saw you as a celebrity? Not much.

Lots of us (maybe all of us) fantasize about being celebrities. Well, you can be one. It’s as close as a well written press release. What are you waiting for? Your celebrity status may be just days away.

Just to be clear, I don’t know the first thing about the woman who was on Animal Planet. I don’t know her, I’ve never heard of her, I know nothing about her abilities or background. She could be superb. All I know is what the publicity has done for her so far.

By the way, I also reminded Mary that I’ve been on over 2,000 radio and TV shows and in newspapers and magazines around the world, including just about every major media outlet she could imagine. I asked her why she wasn’t treating me like a celebrity.

She gave me a cool stare (you know the kind I mean)… then she asked if I had checked the back yard for dog poop.

As my good friend Dan Kennedy says, it’s tough to be a celebrity at home.

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See you next time.

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