This is part 3 of my response to Mary Johnson’s e-mail about her publicity success.

So far I’ve talked about the media “Gold Cards” and getting your contact information out during your interview.

The final part of my response to Mary has to do with her comments about using the publicity as marketing pieces.

Great insight, Mary. That’s one of the main goals of using publicity.

When newspaper and magazine articles are printed about you, make copies and use them in your mailings, in your ads, blow them up and put them in your office or window, use phrases like “As seen on CNN”.

When you’re on radio and TV, get recordings of the interview. Again, you can use them in your mailings. You can use them during in-person presentations. You can even use them as high class business cards!

The power of your publicity only starts with the interview. The effects can last for many, many years.

I’m sure you know I’m the guy who sold the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s my legacy piece of publicity.

Do you know when I did that? In 1983 – 28 years ago! And that story is still alive and well.

So never think that once your interview on a radio show is over or a new issue of the newspaper comes out, your story is over. Depending on what you do with your publicity, the benefits can last for decades.

Next time I’ll describe the perfect publicity-driven business or practice. Not a dime spent on advertising, but you become the major player in your field by becoming a celebrity.

Don’t miss it!

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