Last time I told you about an email Mary Johnson sent me about the article she got in USA Today using my publicity system.

Today I want to talk about the second aspect of Mary’s e-mail to me.

In her e-mail, Mary said although she and her husband were published in USA Today they got “no phone number or website mention, however, so we have yet to fully grasp the holy grail of publicity!”

Once again, Mary hit it on the nose.

I don’t care how much publicity you get, if you don’t get your contact information out, you’ve wasted your time. By “contact information” I mean your phone number, address, web site or whatever.

Without your contact information, how are people going to get in touch with you to buy your product or service?

Don’t tell me about the “great exposure” you got. Exposure is worthless. You want sales, not exposure.

“You’ll get great exposure” is one of the biggest sucker lines of all times. That bogus line is used to get people to do a whole variety of things for free (like speaking, giving away products, doing interviews, etc.), when they should be making money. Sales pay the mortgage, not exposure.

My golden rule of publicity (or, as Mary says, The Holy Grail of Publicity) is:

“Publicity = Dollars in the Bank”

If you don’t make money from the publicity you get, why bother at all?

When I speak at seminars around the country, I constantly get people telling me about the “great” publicity they’ve gotten. My question always is “How much money did you make from that interview?”

Without fail, they don’t know.

Then they wasted their time.

Not only do you want to make money from each and every one of your interviews, you want to use that as a measure of how good the interview was, how good the radio station or newspaper is, etc.

If you’ve done three interviews on the same radio show and each time you made few or no sales, why bother doing interviews on that show any more?

On the other hand, if you do interviews on another show and make a pile of money each time, do whatever it takes to get invited back on the same show over and over.

In a future posting, I’ll talk about fool-proof ways of getting interviewed by the same newspaper, radio
or TV show, etc. over and over for years.

But next time I’ll have part 3 of Mary’s email.

See you then.


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