One of the greatest benefits of publicity is one that’s not often mentioned – the benefit of pre-selling you, your product, your service or whatever else you’re offering.


Let me give you the classic example I often mention at my talks around the country.


Let’s say you’re a chiropractor.  (You can easily replace chiropractor with accountant, carpet cleaner, plumber, real estate agent, dentist or whatever profession or business you’re in.)


You certainly have competition in your area.  You may even have LOTS of competition.


How is your competition getting business?  They’re probably all doing the same things – running ads, sending out Val-Pac coupons, doing Yellow Pages advertising, business cards, sales letters, etc.


You’re going one better.  You’re also using publicity.


So, while all of your competition is battling it out in the Yellow Pages, on the pages of the newspapers, etc. you’re getting stories written about you in the same newspapers, on the same radio and TV shows, in the same magazines.


Remember what I’ve told you over and over – when you get publicity in the media, you get INSTANT credibility.  People instantly believe you.  That’s because people running ads are seen as salesmen.  People who get articles in the same newspapers are seen as news.  An enormous difference.


You write a press release, send it in to the local newspaper and they do a story about you.  People in the community get their first exposure to you in the media.  All the other chiropractors are running ads.  You’re making the news by getting an article about you in the paper.


Because you follow my system, you know how to write a good press release and do a good interview.  Because of that, people call your office when they read the story about you and the benefits of chiropractic.


When they call your office they are intentionally put on hold. While they’re on hold they don’t hear that goofy hold music (what an incredible waste of good marketing time).  Instead they hear a recording of an interview you did on the radio talk show they always listen to.  You’re talking about the benefits of chiropractic.


They make an appointment.  When they get to your office, they’re intentionally made to wait in the waiting room for 5 minutes or so.  That’s because on your walls you don’t have all those certificates that no one cares about or paintings of bulldogs playing poker.  Instead you have lots of framed articles all about you and the benefits of chiropractic.  There are articles from USA Today, the New York Times, your state magazine, the local newspaper, etc.


Finally, in the corner of your office you have a TV and a VCR playing.  What does the person see on the TV?   Right – he sees you being interviewed on a big time talk show.


When you finally come out and introduce yourself, what does this person do?  Probably drops his jaw, shakes your hand and won’t let go.


This person has already been pre-sold on both you and the benefits of chiropractic thanks to the credibility you got by being in the newspapers, magazines, on radio and TV instead of just running ads.


Publicity can be enormously powerful.  But as I always make very clear, it’s no get-rich-quick scheme.  You’ve got to put the principles into action.  You can’t simply get my publicity kit and expect reporters to jump out of the box ready to do interviews with you.


There are so many benefits to publicity I have no idea why everyone doesn’t use it.  Why aren’t you using it?


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