Last time I told you about “The Halo Effect” and the incredible power it can have. This time I want to give you an example of that astonishing power.

This happened a while back but the message is clear and powerful.

I live in a small town. We have an equally small radio station in the area. It’s the kind of station that loses power after sundown.

At this station there was a “traffic girl”. I put that in quotes because she was an 18 year old right out of high school with no experience whatsoever – although I don’t know what experience you would need to be a traffic reporter anyway.

All she was required to do was read a sheet of paper that already has the traffic report written on it – “Traffic is heavy on Route 46 west. I suggest you take Route 80 instead” and so on.

One day I was listening to the station and heard that this traffic girl was making an “appearance” at a local market. An appearance!!! Who the heck is she???

But I knew the power of “The Halo Effect”. If anyone is on radio or TV, they instantly become celebrities and cause people to line up to meet them, hear the pearls of wisdom coming from their ruby lips, etc.

The day of the “appearance” came. I couldn’t resist. I had to drive over to the market and see what was up.

Even though I was several blocks away, I could see the crowd. There were hundreds of people. I parked and walked up to several people and asked them what was going on. They told me that the traffic girl from the radio station was at the market…

and she was signing autographs!!!

I asked them what her name was. They said:

“We don’t know, but we want her autograph.”

I could not make up a more incredible story. It shows you the astonishing power of publicity.

It makes no difference whether you’re a chiropractor, own a pizza shop, do bicycle repair, have a bakery or any other product, service, cause or issue imaginable. When you get publicity on radio and TV or in newspapers and magazines, you become an instant celebrity and you get instant credibility.

Harness the power of publicity and put it to work for you!

See you next time.

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