A few weeks ago I was speaking with my friend Peter Fogel. He was talking about the effectiveness of my publicity kit.  He was able to summarize one of the key points of my publicity system in just one brilliant sentence.  Peter said that when it comes to the media:


“If they snooze, you lose.”


Isn’t that great?  So simple, but right to the point.  If your press release causes reporters to snooze, you lose.  You don’t get the interview.  You don’t get the new customers.  You don’t get the sales.


But there’s one key point I want to stress.  Your press release doesn’t have to be wild, dazzling, sexy, unique, off-the-wall.  It simply has to be interesting.


A mechanic sending out a press release telling people how to avoid the three most common auto repair scams is interesting.


An accountant sending out a press release telling people about six little known tax deductions is interesting.


A plumber sending out a press release telling people how to save money by making their own simple plumbing repairs is interesting.


To the mechanic, accountant and plumber, that information is pretty basic.  But to you and me, it’s interesting.  And the reporters think it’s interesting too.


Too many people don’t take action because they don’t think their information is interesting.  They freeze up while people in the exact same field send out press releases with simple,interesting information.


You have information that reporters want to know about.  Learn how to write a press release bio and q&a they way they want them and they’ll reward you with valuable time on their radio or TV shows or space in their newspapers and magazines.


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