On my publicity coaching call a few days ago I talked about what you should do first when you want to get publicity. The information was so important, I want to go over some of the key points.

This will be especially important for my new members, especially all of the new members in the U.K.

Whenever you start something new – something not familiar to you – you want to start off with a sure winner. Something that’s guaranteed to work.

For example, for those of you who play guitar, you know that when you first learned
to play, your teacher showed you how to play Jingle Bells or Happy Birthday or Little Brown Jug. In just minutes, you were playing the guitar.

That small success gave you the confidence that you could do it. You could actually play the guitar.

If the first thing he tried to teach you was the guitar version of The Devil Went Down to Georgia, you would have quit taking lessons, confident that you could never play the guitar.

The same is true with your publicity efforts. The first attempt at getting publicity should be a sure winner for you. I strongly recommend that all of my new members *first* get their press release on the front page of Google News.

The system for doing that is right in your kit. Just follow my simple instructions. I’ve never seen it fail.

So, you spend a few minutes following exactly what I tell you to do and within 60 minutes you see your press release on the front page of Google News. That’s a HUGE success. You scored big, but more importantly you’ve proven to yourself that you can do it.

That first step you take can have lots of benefits. You can get backlinks to your website, you can get search engine listings, your story can be picked up in blogs, in ezines, on other websites, you can get people asking you more about your product or service, you can get more traffic to your website.

All of this from one simple action you took that was a sure thing – a guaranteed winner.

Follow the same strategy with whatever you want to accomplish in life. Take a first step that will *guarantee* success.

I’m trying to learn a very complicated piece of music on my guitar. It’s a fast song, it’s got several key changes, it got lots of bumps along the way.

If I tried to play it at full speed right off, there’s no way I’d ever get it. But the first time I played it, I played agonizingly slowly.

And I played it perfectly. I proved to myself that I could play the song. Now all I have to do is work on the speed.

Start off by getting your press release to the front page of Google news. Bask in the glory of your victory. And then move on to even bigger challenges.

I’ll be back with more tips. I’ve got to get back to my guitar right now and speed things up.

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