I’m a super successful marketer. I don’t say that to brag. I say it to make a point.

The point is that I am so successful because, as often as possible, I surround myself with people who are more successful than I am. They may be overall more successful than me. Or they may be more successful in a specific area where I’m weak.

That’s exactly what happened this month. Mary and I went on a Carribean cruise. But it wasn’t just any Carribean cruise. It was a cruise for marketers hosted by Mike Filsaime. It turned out to be the best marketing decision I made over the past year.

Over 250 marketers were on the cruise. Some were newbies. Some had decades of experience. But 100% of the marketers on that cruise learned from everyone else. And they learned A LOT!

There were joint ventures put together, partnerships started, information freely shared, advice freely offered.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

These 250+ marketers didn’t randomly wander around the ship looking for each other. This entire experience was orchestrated as finely as the Boston Symphony. When we had a “sea day” – meaning that we sailed all day – we all got together in an auditorium for three hours at a time. Each of these meetings was expertly moderated by Paulie Sabol and Donna Fox.

Not a minute was wasted. Every tick of the clock brought information and advice that helped everyone grow their business.

Many of the marketers freely shared their products and services with everyone  in the room. For example, on the very first day, one of the marketers gave all of us one of his products. I guarantee that product will generate so much additional revenue for me that it’ll probably pay for the next 15 cruises.

I have rarely met so many warm, kind, generous people in one place.

Probably the ultimate testiment to the quality of this experience is Mary’s response. Mary and I have been together for 16 years. Not for one second of that 16 years has Mary had even the slightest interest in marketing.

But, on this cruise she didn’t miss one minute of each of the four meetings we had. She was even chosen for one of the 6 rare hotseats. She got a mountain of advice and help for our non-profit dog rescue organization www.AuntMarysDoghouse.com

This incredible experience was put together with the most talented, dedicated travel agent I’ve ever come across – Captain Lou Edwards.

What are you doing to make yourself more successful? To grow your business? To increase your profits?

Are you trying to go it alone? If so, good luck. It’s not going to happen.

But if you take every opportunity to surround yourself with people more successful than you, your chances for success grow faster than Jack’s beanstalk.

You can make excuses or you can make money. But you can’t do both.

You can tell me about how you get seasick (no one did on this cruise).

You can tell me how you can’t afford it (but you can afford those cigarettes, those lottery tickets, those trips to Vegas and Atalntic City, all of those premium channels on  cable TV, that 42″ flat screen TV, etc.).

You can tell me how you don’t like to mingle with other people (good luck, loner).

You can tell me how you’re too busy (Thomas Edison, Mother Teresa, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs all had/have the same 24 hours every day that you do and look at what they accomplished).

You can tell me that you’re just starting out (there were people on this cruise who had no website and barely knew how to get email).

Or you can stop the excuses and start building your success.

Surround yourself with people more successful than you – even if it’s in just one tiny area of expertise.

I’ve already signed up for next year’s cruise. I wouldn’t miss it for anything. I’ll let you know more about the cruise (and next year’s cruise) in future postings.

What are going to do today to build on your success?

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  1. Kyle Tully Says:

    Hey Paul,

    You’re spot on — business is all about relationships (yes, even “online” businesses) and WHO you know.

    Plenty of talented people have failed over the years because they tried to go it alone. I made that mistake in my early days and that failure is a constant reminder that it’s ALL about who you know, and who THEY know.

    Even a little thing like striking up a private message conversation on a forum can lead to a wonderful business relationship (and a truckload of money!)


  2. Paulie Sabol Says:


    Thank you for the kind words. The annual cruise is a jewel and it’s sad to me how inadequate my words are to “shake up” and “wake up” the folks who miss it.

    It’s even more ironic because it’s the people who “show up” who mix to make the magic.

    See you next year and, of course, we’ll be connecting throughout the year, because that’s the real power, isn’t it?


    Paulie Sabol

    PS Do tell Mary Jose and I say hello.

  3. Gina Parris Says:

    That’s awesome Paul – especially the part about Mary loving it because when I told my husband about spending his vacation on that marketing cruise his response was a horrified, “Absolutely Not!”

    At least he’ll enjoy coming with me next month when I’m a featured speaker and it will only take 1 hour out of each sea day.

    Keep up the great work. My kids are getting sick of your voice in place of the radio whenever we’re in the car – but soon my daughter will know enough to be my media expert!



  4. Shane Says:

    Great post Paul, your right about surrounding yourself with successful people, especially online. I think one mistake a lot of people make is to try and do everything themselves, by themselves.


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