When you think of strips clubs, how often do you think of flu shots?

Well, one strip club in Florida combined their usual products and services with flu shots and hit a publicity jackpot.

Rachael’s “gentlemen’s club” offers senior citizens free flu shots PLUS a free buffet lunch.

Just when you think you don’t have any ideas for publicity for your business, along comes a story like this. It’s a fun story. You can see the video HERE.

So if a strip club can get huge publicity for giving out flu shots, you should be able to come up with publicity ideas for your business.

Having trouble coming up with those ideas? Be sure to be on my next free publicity coaching call and we’ll come up with ideas together.

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  1. Aidan Breslin Says:

    What a way to make something part of the community which would never otherwise be part of it!

    Thanks for all the tips Paul, always helpful, always innovative.



  2. Gina Parris Says:

    Paul, you’re always the first to tell us when a place got publicity for its Sexy PR! Ha. Great story – once again, “Giving Back” makes for great publicity.

  3. Robert Schwarztrauber Says:

    Finding a way to enter into the conversation already going on in the client’s mind…classic stuff! Their creative approach reminds me of billiards. They took aim on one ball,the seniors, (who are not typically their clients) hoping to knock in another ball (more customers) through the publicity and attention generated by their charity. Very strategic. Most often, we only focus on directly motivating our potential customers. Thanks for sharing that thought-provoking strategy Paul!

  4. Rachel Young Says:

    Funny thing about Rachel’s Gentlemen’s Club…

    My copywriting site is a little…risque. So I came up with an “Inner Circle” that would mimic the feeling from my website.

    What to call it? Hmmmm. Something classy but that had a sexy feel to it.

    (True story, btw) WITHOUT RESEARCHING, I decided to name the Inner Circle group, The Gentlemen’s Club. Incidentally, my name is Rachel. 🙂

    I started getting tons of traffic to the site, but no sign ups. I couldn’t figure out why. The copy was good. The idea was solid.

    I looked at how people were finding me and overwhelmingly, it was through the search term “Rachel’s Gentlemen’s Club”. So I decided to see what came up when you typed that into Google.

    Imagine my surprise to find that someone beat me to the punch in a BIG way! 🙂

    So maybe a 2nd lesson from this strip joint could be “Always do your research before implimenting your next big idea” HA!

    To your success
    Rachel Young
    Big Cheese Marketing
    NOT Rachel’s Gentlemen’s Club 🙂

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