This is going to be an incredible post (there goes my modesty again!). Not only am I going to show you a simple way to get publicity, I’m going to show you how to turn this idea into an entire business!

I’m excited about this one, so let’s hop on it.

I was just driving into town when I heard a news story about a website called

Since I love coming up with story ideas anyone can use to create powerful press releases, I jumped on this one. It was so easy.

Take a look at that web address again: This Is Why You’re Fat

Now let’s convert that into a press release headline for lots of different businesses:

This Is Why You’re Broke

This Is Why You’re Unemployed

This Is Why You’re Alone

This Is Why You’re Tired

This Is Why You’re Constantly Sick

That is a POWERFUL press release headline. Just fill the press release with details that explain the headline.

But don’t stop there.

Grab the domain names that go along with your headline:

Put some content on your website related to the headline.

Either create an information product or have one created for you. Sell it on your website.

You’ll get free publicity because of your headline and press release. You’ll drive people to your website. They’ll read your free content. They’ll buy your product.

All because you have good information and you help people ease some pain they have.

I’m going to keep pounding away at how powerful publicity is. How simple it can be to come up with story ideas. How much fun it can be.

I’m going to keep pounding away until you take action.

You’ve been warned.

Now get to work on this!

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  1. Raynay Says:

    That’s so clever! People are searching the internet and newspapers for solutions to problems. That headline/domain name says: Here’s the answer. I’m adding this to my marketing arsenal. Thanks.

  2. William Craig, III Says:

    Greetings Paul!

    You were right, this was a great post. It was so great, it made me take action – writing this reply. Ultimately, I’d like to take more action, and would like your help.

    In your Post you say “Either create an information product or have one created for you. Sell it on your website.”

    You’ve very successfully and succintly told me the “what” now I need the “how.” HOW do I create a product? HOW do I have one created for me? HOW do I get a website? HOW do I sell it on said website?

    Heck, teach me the step-by-step on just those two sentences in your post and after I’ve done them for myself, I will gladly, (correction: I will GLEEFULLY) teach the world how to create their own personal stimulus plan. Can you say

    All the best,

  3. Steve M Says:

    Still more great information from the long-time king of killer PR.

    Anyone who doesn’t pay close attention is making a big, maybe even business-crippling mistake.

    Just wait ’till you all see how I apply it to my latest geo domain venture.

  4. Jacki Smith Says:

    You were right. This is an incredible post! Some may not realize your brilliance, but I see the opportunity to create a million dollar income from this one idea alone. This is truly a Million Dollar Publicity Tip. I will take action this week. I am so appreciative I was referred to your site. I will be following all your posts as well as reading previous ones. I know when I am in the presence of a true genious and I believe you are as the last post Steve eludes the long-time king of killer PR. Thank you!

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