Do you still think you can’t get publicity for your business? Well, I still KNOW you’re wrong. Here’s proof…

I’m sure you read the story in the news a few days ago about Starbucks across the country closing for three hours to do employee training. That story made headlines across the country.

Did you get that? They CLOSED for a few hours and media around the nation covered the story, giving Starbucks millions and millions of dollars worth of publicity!

Was this carefully planned by Starbucks? I have to believe it was. They could have trained their employees on a rotating basis without interrupting their service. But they didn’t do that. They closed during some prime hours of the day. Then they let the media know about it.


Once again, I ask you – do you STILL think you don’t have anything the media would be interested in interviewing you about? If a coffee shop can get enormous publicity simply because they closed for a few hours, I think you have something a little more interesting to talk to the media about.

Reporters are waiting to hear from you. And they’re waiting to hear from you in the right way. Your press release has to look right. It has to be written right. You have to know what to say when the reporters call you for interviews.

But this is all a simple matter of following a tested formula. You don’t have to invent anything. You don’t have to have any great writing skills. You don’t have to personally know reporters. You just have to follow the formula I’ve set up for you. When you do that, reporters will be interested in what you have to say.

A coffee shop closes for a few hours and gets millions of dollar worth of publicity. It’s time for you to get your share of the publicity.

Want to learn my formula? CLICK HERE and I’ll share it with you.

Thanks to Batman for your email, reminding me of the Starbucks story.

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