Some time back I witnessed one of the most incredible, powerful, successful publicity stunts of the last decade.  I stood in admiration of the people who came up with the idea.  There is no doubt that they are now either wealthy or well on their way.


I was listening to the radio.  I had my favorite talk show tuned in.  From the start of the show the two hosts were talking about the hot news item of the day – a restaurant in the area had just announced that they were offering the world’s most expensive hamburger.  The meat from the burger came from cows that were fed the finest grain, given fine beer to drink and massaged (yes, I said massaged) every day of their lives.


The price of the burger – $41.00.  Forty-one dollars for a hamburger!  Cheese is extra.


The story spread like wildfire.  Later in the day I tuned in a national talk show.  The topic?  The $41.00 hamburger.


On TV that night they were talking about the $41.00 hamburger.


The next day I turned on my favorite talk show.  They were STILL talking about the $41.00 hamburger.  They went even farther.  They were selecting 10 people to get together to go to the restaurant, try the $41.00 hamburger and report back to the listeners.

The following day they talked about the burger again – this is the third day in a row.  That night the 10 people went to the restaurant and ate ten $41.00 hamburgers.  In the morning they went on the air and told all the listeners how incredibly delicious that burger was.  How it was worth every penny of $41.00.


And now here I am spreading the story even farther.


When the owners of the restaurant were asked about the hamburger, they said “It’s not an expensive hamburger, it’s an event.”


An absolute stroke of publicity genius.  What fantastic positioning.  It’s not an expensive hamburger, it’s an event.


Outrageously high prices capture our imagination.  There are many, many people who will buy things based simply on price.  Millionaire magazine and the Robb Report cater to these very people.  If these people see two shirts, one priced at $60 and one priced at $295, they are very likely to buy the $295 shirt – even if they are the exact same shirt!!!


I’m not saying these people are foolish.  They are often very successful.  They simply judge things by price.


Do you have something you can make the most expensive in the world?  The most expensive car detailing?  The most expensive jelly donut?  The most expensive pen?


We are all fascinated by high price.  A $41.00 hamburger.  How ridiculous.  But are you just a little curious about how it tastes?


The owners of that restaurant hit the jackpot with just *one* press release.  Every one of you is just one press release away from everything you’ve ever dreamed of.


When are you going to start?


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