In my last post I gave you detailed instructions on how to get Valentine’s Day publicity for your business.

A few hours after I posted that, one of my most successful subscribers, Dan Page, emailed me some more brilliant strategies he’s willing to share. Dan is also one of my favorite subscribers, because he takes action.

Here’s what he had to say (see how you can do the same things with your business):

Hey Paul,

Thanks for getting your subscribers thinking about the next holiday coming

I thought about you over the holidays and created a holiday related press
release for one of my sites (

I was reading articles about Secret Santas giving away money to people and
thought that…why just give money away, when you can TEACH people how to
make extra money, regardless of their economic situation? And what if you
were willing to do it for free? That would be better than giving money away!

So I drafted a press release entitled:

“Secret Santa Teaches People How to Make Money”

and sent it to radio stations. I scored some radio interviews and just had a 30 minute interview on a talk show yesterday, all about Skill Highway (set to air in a week) that was based on this concept.

I really wanted to get in front of the “How to Make Money” crowd on the search engines for this release, so I released it online (with your “Get high placement on Google” report) before Christmas when the term “Secret Santa” was getting a lot of searches. I used the term “How to Make Money” several times in the release to firmly plant it. The release got tweeted a bunch of times and I actually got a nice group of new members signing up for Skill Highway out of it.

Given that success, I got intrigued and followed up last week with:

“Frustrated Businessman Offers to Teach Entrepreneurs How to Make Money”

on PR Web. That release got picked up a bunch of places (plus got tweeted 55
times) and generated a crop of new members as well.

I know how you like these success stories, so I thought you might be interested in this!

Now I’ll have to come up with one for Valentines Day.

Dan Page

Any wonder that Dan is so successful?

Now, take what I gave you last time and what Dan is giving you this time and get your share of the Valentine’s Day publicity.

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See you next time.

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