I just posted my last entry to this blog a few minutes ago. Then I checked the news headlines for this morning and I had to post this entry right now. Here’s why…

The headline reads:

“Lopez Reportedly Strikes Deal Worth Millions For Baby Photos”

It appears that People magazine will pay Jennifer Lopez and her husband $6 million for photos of their baby when it’s born.

That’s just for PHOTOS – People magazine doesn’t get the baby for $6 million – JUST FREAKIN’ PHOTOS!!! (Yes, I am screaming right now).

Will anyone pay you $6 million for photos of your kids?

Will anyone pay you six dollars for photos of your kids?


In fact, if I’m correct, you have to pay the photographer a bundle of money to get photos of your own kids, right?

Now it has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that Lopez is in movies. She could be any kind of celebrity. The fact is, that she is a celebrity – and you are not.

But if you’ve been following my rants on this topic (if you haven’t, just read the previous postings on this blog) you know that you can easily make yourself a celebrity.

In fact, you no longer have any choice in the matter. If you don’t make yourself a celebrity, you will lose – I guarantee it.

I’m going to continue to pound this issue home until I start seeing you take action.

We are no longer in a credential society where your credentials and skills are the most important issues. Actually, your credentials and skills are becoming less and less important.

We are now in a celebrity-obsessed society. You can be a celebrity grocer, a celebrity auto mechanic, a celebrity carpet cleaner, a celebrity real estate agent, a celebrity attorney, a celebrity dentist, a celebrity shoe shine guy…

You can be a celebrity ANYTHING!

Society is now so hungry for celebrities that people are willing to make ANYONE a celebrity. Take advantage of this platinum opportunity.

If you think I’m exaggerating the importance of celebrity-status; if you think it’s not worth your while to learn how to make yourself a celebrity; if you think you aren’t in a business that lends itself to making you a celebrity….I’ll see you on the unemployment line. I may even give you a few bucks as you beg for a handout, being the kind, generous guy I am!

If you don’t know how to make yourself a celebrity, CLICK HERE NOW! and get my help.

The truth is that I don’t want to see you on the unemployment line and have to give you a handout of a few bucks. I’m too cheap. I’d rather spend that money on the dogs.

The real truth is that few things will thrill me more than hearing about how you became successful because of what you learned from me. When the day comes for my final conversation with God, I want to be able to point to how I helped you become successful and wealthy and make that my admission ticket to Paradise.

Now stop reading this and start taking action.

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