One of the most effective ways of getting publicity is to write a headline that goes against common thinking – a headline that makes the reporters say ‘Huh??? What’s this about?’.

For example, I just did a press release critique for a physician who treats skin cancer. You’d have to have been born in a cave not to know that exposure to the sun causes skin cancer. So, if he sent out a release talking about how people should use skin block and stay out of the sun if they want to reduce their risk of skin cancer, he’d just get a big yawn from the media.

The reason the incidence of skin cancer continues to increase is that people have more disposable income and more leisure time. They spend lots of this leisure time in the sun, increasing the skin cancer statistics.

With that in mind, a press release with the headline:

‘That Extra Week Vacation You Just Got At Work Has Increased Your Risk Of Dying’

would not only get the attention of the media, it would make them say ‘Huh???’ and show them that you’re not going to simply talk about the same boring skin cancer warnings.

Make the media say ‘Huh???’ and you’ll get lots more press coverage.

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