Got an interesting email from my Million Dollar Publicity member Dennis Bradford.  Here’s what he said:

“Paul Harvey is, of course, an institution by himself in North American radio.  Listening to him several years ago (I think on one of this Saturday broadcasts), he told a relevant story.  Apparently, he has a home in Arizona.  When visiting there for a while, he arranged to do his daily radio show from home.  He thought that’d be a terrific idea because he could do the show in his bathrobe, which he did.

“Well, it turned out that, after doing a few shows that way, he wasn’t satisfied with them.  So, while still doing them from home, he started dressing in a coat and tie as if he were doing them from his Chicago office–and their quality immediately went up and returned to normal.

“You mention several times in your kit that, while doing radio or newspaper interviews from home, one can wear whatever one likes, which is true.

“On the other hand, it may be best not to sit there in one’s underwear (a la Jeff Paul).  Looking like an expert may increase the odds of sounding like an expert.  It’s a tip that might enable some of your members to do even better when doing interviews from home.”

So, what do you think?  Should you get dressed up for your interviewws, even though they’re done over the phone?

Do you think you would do a better interview?

Or do you think you’ll do as well in your underwear?

I can tell you one thing – I seem to be able to write a blog post just fine in my underwear.

Too much information you didn’t need?  Sorry about that…

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  1. Lucas Wold Says:

    I’ve got to dress up a little when I write. Even if it’s just a dress shirt and slacks, I can’t get in the mood in my scrubs.

    Although I’d be willing to do a TV spot in my underwear, if it’d get me the story…

  2. Gina Parris Says:

    Hmmmmm,I have a coaching program and forthcoming book called “How to Have Really Great Sex – When You’re NOT in The Mood.” Ironically, I am not comfortable doing that one in my underwear, probably because I have more humor in that interview when I am clearly dressed and in my right (pathetically unsexy) mind. Clearly I should be wearing full coverage briefs beneath those baggy sweats.

  3. Robert Lehrer Says:

    The answer to Dennis’s question is in his own blog. Paul Harvey performs better dressed for work, Jeff Paul is as if not more effective working in his underwear.

    The answer is simple.

    It depends on the person. Some of us are more effective dressed up for work, some people (like me) are more comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt.

    Just be true to who you are.

  4. Peter Geisheker Says:

    I find it is completely up to the person and how they feel about giving phone interviews. I do my best work when I am most comfortable and relaxed – jeans and a t-shirt. Getting all dressed up at home to me is a waste of time and utter nonsense, but that is just me. Every person has to do what puts them in the right mindset, and if that means getting dressed up, then do it.

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