How’s this for an as-simple-as-it-gets publicity strategy?


Take your guitar.  Put on a cowboy hat and boots.  Wear nothing

else but your tighty whitey BVD underwear.  Stroll out into Times

Square, New York and start strumming that guitar.


That’s it.  That’s the whole deal.


Sound ridiculous?  Maybe, but it’s true.


He’s known as the Naked Cowboy.  He does nothing more than

strum his guitar in his undies.


And that little stunt has gotten him worldwide publicity,

advertising jobs, movie spots and global recognition.


He also has a website –


Am I suggesting you play the clarinet in your skivvies?

Certainly not.


The point I’m making is that you don’t have to spend loads of

time agonizing over the topic of your publicity campaign.

Publicity opportunities are swarming around you like bees around

the hive.


My bet is that the majority of you are spending so much time

trying to come up with the perfect angle, you’ve been watching

tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of publicity pass

you by.


I’ll also bet that many of you haven’t even taken the first step

in getting the publicity you deserve because you’re frozen in

place trying to think up that perfect angle.


Let me relieve some of the pressure in your brain.


There is no perfect angle.  There never will be.  There are

simple angles.  There are simply stories.


You have plenty of stories and information the media people want.

You may think it’s not earth shattering or spectacular.  That’s

why you haven’t done anything.  You’re waiting for that perfect



In the meantime, other people in your very field are getting the

publicity you should be getting simply because they did

something.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was something.  It wasn’t

the earth-shattering story.  It was something.


What do you know that most people don’t know as well as you?


I don’t want to hear you say: “I don’t know anything that most

people don’t know as well as me.”


That’s total nonsense.  Everyone on this planet knows something

most people don’t know as well as they do.


They know how to knit.  They know how to save money when they buy

a car.  They know how to lift weights to get the maximum effect.


They know how to make science projects in under an hour.  They

know how to study faster and more efficiently.  They know how to

shop at the supermarket and pick out the best produce.


They know how to fix a car, lawnmower or snow blower.  They know

how to show people how to hit a baseball or a golf ball better

and farther.


Every one of these topics would be of interest to reporters.


Remember, they are reporters, not experts on a variety of

subjects.  Most people seem to forget this.


The reason they’re coming to you is that you know more about a

subject than they do.  That’s all they want.


They don’t expect you to know everything.  They simply want some

information that you have.  In return, they’ll reward you with

thousands of dollars worth of free advertising for whatever it is

you want to advertise.


Sweet deal!


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