Do you know the difference between tactics and strategies?

Very simply, tactics are actions, strategies are plans.

If you send out a press release to promote your business, that’s a tactic.

If you have a plan for sending out one press release a week for 3 months, each on a different aspect of your business, and during your interviews you drive people to your website where they leave their contact information or sign up for a seminar or purchase your product, that’s a strategy.

Hopefully, you are using BOTH publicity tactics and strategies in your business.  If not, you are leaving a ton of money on the table.

I’m going to write a longer article on this topic and put it in my next paid newsletter.  If you’re a paid subscriber, be sure to read it.

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  1. Yves Marie Danie Baptiste Says:

    Howdy All,

    One of the things I’ve learned from being a rather, *ahem*, obsessed self-taught student of publicity marketing is the importance of a well-designed, month-by-month publicity plan that allows you to milk (yikes!,did I say ‘milk’??!) every media opportunity available.

    Start creating a strategy right now because some national magazines have lead times of 6 months so you will need to be pitching now, yes, 6 months before it even goes to press. Talk
    about. Now I know the meaning of ‘early-bird’….

    -Come up with some questions pertaining to your product/service/cause that will help you target media folks
    who WANT to hear from you. You will be like a big juicy steak
    to a starving clan of lions when they get your press release.

    -Say good-bye to your dating life (sorry, honey!) and spend your Saturday nights reviewing all the materials/products you’ve purchased from PR gurus so that you can learn the art of generating story ideas about whatever it is you are selling. Oh, you will be much happier in your dating when your wallet is fat. um, so, I’m told. 🙂

    -Put together a Priority A media “HIT list”. This has nothing to do with the mafia or that big guy from the Sopranos whose name I can’t spell out for you due to possibly being banned here.

    Okay, I digress….

    These are reporters/editors/journalist who are in a position to cover your story and help you get that yacht you’ve been eye-balling. Come on, admit it. You want it. I won’t tell.

    -Become an expert at crafting the same story for different media. Why work hard when a gun isn’t being pointed to your head, eh? “5 Sizzling Stress-Busters For Stay At Home Moms” can become “5 Sizzling Stress-Busters For Lawyers”…you see? Alright. Alright. For the over-achievers in the bunch….feel free to bust a sweat by changing “sizzling” to “WOW!”. You get an ‘E’ for effort. (wink!)

    -Don’t you dare pop a vein coming up with headlines yourselves. Steal, yes!, S-T-E-A-L headlines (forget the commandments for one day)

    Ah, where was I?

    Ahh…yes, steal headlines from that product. Walk with mini-scissors to clip headlines from women magazine covers promising you supple skin….now, what you do is, take another Saturday (that’s right, no date!) and lay them all on the table and switch them around. Trust me. Ideas will pop out at you that will give you winners. And if by chance the clip-outs start moving around by themselves, do not stop the creative ghosts. Don’t even cough.

    I hope this helps you.

    And if it doesn’t, then you’re on life-support.
    I’ll light a candle for ya and
    bring more oxygen. 🙂


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