I’m sure sorry, but I have no idea who Mike Silver is.  But he did something today that can have a huge impact on publicity you get for your business.

Apparently, Mike Silver is a columnist for Yahoo Sports.  I didn’t know that before I clicked on Yahoo News two minutes ago.  That’s when I saw a tease for a story Mike wrote about HIS picks for the 10 best Super Bowls of all time.  Here’s the link to that story.

Now I’m sure Mike is a wonderful person, but as far as I know, he’s not a household name when it comes to sports.  He’s not one of the “sports-picks” guys everyone runs to when it time to pick the winner of a big game.  I’m not sure how many people have ever even heard of Mike Silver.

Nevertheless, Mike wrote that article, naming the 10 Super Bowls games HE chose as the all time 10 best.

Why is this important to you?  Well, if I’m right about Mike, you could have done the exact same thing.  And why not?  Why are Mike’s 10 picks any better than yours?

If you have a retail shop, be it a clothing store, a pizza shop, a bicycle repair shop or whatever,  why couldn’t you put your picks right in your window?

Of course you could.  And you know it would create a stir.  Lots of people agreeing with you , lots disagreeing and even more having THEIR own top 10 picks.

Suggest that people come into your shop and leave THEIR top 10 picks.

But let’s bring this closer to your business.

Why can’t you make your own top 10 list of whatever you deal in.  The 10 best cars ever made, the 10 best pizza toppings, the 10 best real estate deals in history.

For that matter, you can put together your own 10 WORST list or your list of 10 predications about something.

Put the list in your newsletter, post it in your retail shop, send out a press release to your local media, announcing your list.

You’re entitled to your opinion.  Mike’s entitled to his.  Mike got a lot of publicity because of the list he created.  Why can’t you?

Hey Mike, thanks for the great story opportunity and publicity lesson you gave me to share with my subscribers.  I owe you a beer!

On another subject, I’ll be away on a couple of speaking engagements in Las Vegas this week.  So I doubt I’ll be able to post anything here until next week.  But if you subscribed to this blog, you’ll get a notice next time I post.

See you next week.

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  1. Smithy Says:

    Hey Mr P

    Great tips, as always. I owe you a beer!!

  2. Meredith Says:

    where will you be speaking?

  3. Paul Hartunian Says:

    No seminar speaking this time. Instead I’m doing private consulting with a variety of clients.

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