People’s obsessive demand for total safety and security gets under my skin. I’m baffled.  Don’t people realize that the more security they demand the less security they will really have?


People have become safety crazy.  Everything has to be perfectly safe for these people – even though that’s not possible. I took a bus to New York a few days ago.  I went to switch on the light to read.  The light wouldn’t go on.  I then saw a sign that said that the bulbs in the lights in the first two rows had been removed – for SAFETY!!!


People are giving up their rights, their freedom and tremendous opportunities because they want to be safe and secure.


Damn sad if you ask me.


Whenever I write I try to tie in my writing to publicity.  So in every one of my rants there has to be a publicity lesson.  This rant is no different.


There are almost endless opportunities in the insatiable demand many people have for safety and security.  These opportunities are on both sides of the issue – both for and against this obsession.


Do you have a product or service that feeds into this incredible demand for safety and security?  Do you have credible information that shows people that what they’re doing is not safe?  That supplements they are taking are not safe?  That a diet they’re on is not safe?


I’m not talking about making up information just to scarce people.  I’m talking about solid proof, evidence, facts that show people that what they’re doing is not safe.


You don’t have to be selling health products or security products to take advantage of this opportunity.


You can be a massage therapist warning people about the risks of some new yoga program.


You can be an accountant warning people about the risks of understating income or overstating charitable deductions or not claiming cash payments.


You can be a carpenter warning people about using press board instead of solid wood.


You can be an financial advisor warning people that their retirement funds are at risk because of bad decisions they’ve made


You can be a website owner warning about hackers.


You can own a vegetarian restaurant warning people about the risks of eating red meat.


You can be a dentist warning people about amalgam fillings or “invisible” braces.


Get the idea?


I don’t care what product or service you sell, you can hook into people’s demand for safety and security.


You also have enormous publicity opportunities warning people about the obsession with safety and security.


You may be an author who’s written a book or an article about safety obsessions.


You may teach self-defense classes and you can show people that when they’re prepared and trained, they can enjoy life more.


You may own an outdoor adventure business and you can tell people the facts about the very low injury rate in your business and the thrills people can experience.


What put me on the trail of this rant?  Once when I was flying home from Las Vegas we hit some very rough weather.  Not only were we bumping all over the place, at one point the plane dropped a down a fairly good amount very quickly.


I could hear people all around me gasping, moaning and emitting other fear noises.


I realized that I and a number of other people just kept on reading or doing whatever else we were doing.  I’m sure we were all thinking the same thing – we’re not flying the plane and we can’t control the weather.  So what would panic and fear do to help the situation?


Do I want to die?  Hell no.  But if today is my day, I know where I’m going and I know I had a ball on this planet.


So what’s the big worry about dying?  Beats me.


I’ve probably given 30 or 40 publicity ideas in this one rant.


Get busy and put them to use for you.


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