This is a reminder that our monthly Publicity Coaching Call is tonight, Tuesday, June 10.

This coaching call is only for my paid paper and ink newsletter subscribers.  There is no charge for the call except for your long distance charges.

I’m being inundated with requests for the time of the call, phone number, the access code, etc.

Please don’t contact me.  All the information you need to participate in the call is in the yellow insert that came with this month’s newsletter.

If you are not a subscriber to my paid, paper and ink newsletter that is sent to you by US Mail, you are not eligible to be on the coaching call.

If you have questions about getting publicity, using my system, your specific publicity campaigns, etc. email them to me NOW.

I’ll answer questions that have been emailed to me first. Then, if there’s enough time, I’ll open the phone lines for additional questions.  But, I get so many questions emailed to me I usually don’t have time left to open the phone lines.  So email your questions to me now.

I look forward to talking with you tonight.

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