This month’s publicity coaching call will be this Tuesday, June 10.  I’ll be live on the call answering your questions about using my publicity system, questions about publicity in general or any other aspect of writing press releases, getting publicity, doing interviews and turning those interviews into more customers, more sales and more cash in your bank account.

All the information you need to take part in the call is on the yellow insert that came in the mail with your newsletter.

If you have questions you’d like me to answer, be sure to email them to me NOW at  I’ll answer all questions emailed to me first.  Then, if there is time left, I’ll open the lines for more questions.

FAIR WARNING:  I usually do not have time to open the lines, so if you’d like to get your questions answered, be sure to email  them to me.

There is no charge for this call for my hard copy newsletter subscribers, except for your normal long distance charges.

As always, I look forward to talking with you on Tuesday.

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